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Puppy & Kitten Terms & Conditions:

Available: for Puppies and Kittens aged between 6 weeks and 30 weeks of age (inclusive) for up to 8 weeks.

Cover: provides a fixed amount of veterinary fees to cover emergency veterinary treatment for illness or injury required in this period. 

Cover start date:  is the date that is shown on your Certificate of Insurance from us and expires on the day that is eight (8) weeks after the Commencement Date as shown on your Certificate of Insurance (the Expiry Date).

Waiting period: a five (5) day stand down period applies for treatments relating to illness (including any follow-up / ongoing treatments relating to any condition, signs or symptoms that occurs before or within the five (5) day stand down period.  No stand down applies for the treatment that are as a result of an accident.

Expiry: pd.com.au will contact you before your Free Puppy and Kitten Cover expires to provide a quotation for you to consider your pets ongoing insurance needs with us. You are under no obligation to continue with pd.com.au

No claim excess payable under this cover.

You must seek prompt and appropriate care for your pet by a qualified veterinarian and follow all recommendations for illness and to prevent injuries.

If you choose to continue with a month-to-month policy and is this in place with us before the Expiry Date of this cover, any ongoing treatment your Puppy or Kitten requires will be covered up to the selected policy benefits you have chosen for your fur baby.  We will waiver any additional waiting periods as we consider the time on risk with your new fur baby with us.

Non-transferable/ not redeemable for cash. All decisions we make on this cover shall be final.

Cover Exclusions:

If you make a false or misleading claim, this cover will cease immediately and pd.com.au will not be responsible or liable for any claim or payment whatsoever.

pd.com.au will not be responsible or liable for any claims, losses, costs of any kind relating to or as a result of:

  • any signs of illness/symptoms arising before or within 5 days of the cover start date
  • no cover for pets less than 6 weeks of age or older than 26 weeks at time
  • treatment/medication (of any sort) that is not directly related to a claimable event under this cover
  • vaccinations/neutering/microchipping or any side effects relating to these procedures
  • cruciate ligament, patella luxation, cremation, burial, post-mortem

We will pay up to a maximum sum of $1,000 AUD (incl GST) for all valid claims accepted by us.

Date: 03 September 2021 

How would you, like to proceed?

How would you, like to proceed?