4 Summer Car Care Tips You Need To Know


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1 week ago

PD Insurance
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Our trusty cars play such a big role in making summer memories. Summer is the time for road trips, holidays, and beach days. Our summer car care tips will make sure that you and your car both beat the heat this summer.

These well-loved metal contraptions take care of us on the road every day, even in this heat. Don’t you think you owe it to them to do the same? Caring for your car in summer doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming.

Tip #1: Check your tyres

Look, you should keep a good eye on your tyres generally. This goes for both pressure and tread. Be aware that summer weather is known to increase the pressure in your car tyres. Check them regularly to make sure they’re at the right level. This can help to avoid burst tyres, and will also improve your fuel efficiency (read about why tyre pressure is so important). So you can either save money, or just pump the aircon a bit harder!

Check out our blog for more ways to save money on car running costs.

Tip #2: Keep Cool(ant) for summer car care

Coolant works really hard in summer! Check your vehicle’s coolant levels more frequently when the temperatures start to soar and make sure you have enough coolant. You don’t want your engine to overheat, leaving you stuck on the side of the road. In the blazing heat with no aircon, might we add!

Checking the coolant is especially important if you’re going on a long drive or heading to more rural areas. If you’re itching to do just that, read our blog on road trip planning post pandemic.

If you think getting stranded might be anywhere near a possibility, read about what to do if you experience a car breakdown.

avoid parking in sun for summer car care

Tip #3: Don’t crack in the heat or salt!

In intense Aussie sun and heat, paint on your car can crack and fade. Obviously, parking it in a garage or a shaded covered area would be best. If that’s not possible, you’ll need some extra help. Caring for your car in summer includes washing and hand drying it regularly. Why? It will help to get rid of dust and dirt which can cause tiny scratches and make the paint look dull.

And if you live near the coast you’ll find salt can do disastrous things to your car, just like sun can. Washing it helps keep the risks at bay (excuse the pun). Read our ‘Sunkissed and Salty – Great for Your Hair Not for Your Car’ article.

You’ll want to go the extra mile too by giving your car a nice coat of wax. It’s an extra layer of protection between the sun’s rays and the finish on your car. A layer of wax will help prevent UV rays reaching the finish on your car. It also stops to help dirt, dust, salt, and general pollution from adhering to the finish.

Tip #4: What’s on the inside counts for summer car care too

Anyone who’s ever driven in shorts will know that hot weather + leather seats = buuuurn. If you’re not parked in the shade, all of that heat is intensified by the glass in your car. Not only does it get a bit oven-like inside, but the direct sunlight can damage car interiors. Think cracked dashboards and faded seats.

As part of your summer car care routine invest in sun shades for your windows and windscreen to give your interior more longevity, and to keep things cooler for you as well. There’s even some cool magnetic ones nowadays, like these.

Where your insurance can help

If you do forget that pesky coolant and end up broken down, PD Insurance roadside assistance will get you home. And if it’s not the coolant but something bigger, your car insurance will cover that too!

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