How to Stop Your Pet Getting Hit by Cars

Dog is in danger of not knowing pet road safety as part of its training

There are 17,158,195 cars in Australia. That’s a whole lotta traffic and good reason for teaching our kids road safety. It’s also why pet road safety is vital. According to the Conversation 10 million animals are hit by cars in our country each year. Many of these are dogs and cats. Pets colliding with cars … Read more

Is it Illegal to Eat While Driving in Australia?

Is it Illegal to Eat While Driving in Australia?

Is it illegal to eat while driving in Australia? Let’s say you’re reading this while getting ready for work. You’re wondering ‘is it OK to eat my cornflakes when I’m driving to the office?’. Or ‘am I allowed to down that freshly brewed flat white as I commute to my boardroom meeting?’. The answer is … Read more

Doing Makeup While Driving: Why It’s a No-No

woman doing lipstick makeup in side mirror while driving

We’ve all seen someone doing makeup while driving or pulled up at traffic lights.. In the crazy rush of the morning or after a busy day at work, it can be hard to find the time to get yourself ready and looking your best. Adding a little touch of mascara on your way to the … Read more

How Dangerous is Windscreen Damage?

They’re right in front of us when we’re on the road but we rarely think about our windscreens unless we can’t see through them properly. Even then, hands up if you’ve spent days, months or even years driving around with a chip in your windscreen taunting you every time it catches your eye? Days, yes. … Read more

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How would you, like to proceed?