Construction Works and Keeping Pets Happy

man with pet labrador dog doing construction work with sander

Imagine being a pet in the midst of construction works or renovation. One day you’re lazing around in your usual sunny spot by the window, and next you’re hearing banging, smelling strange paint smells, and watching strangers walk in and out of your garden. The sheer audacity! You might not know exactly what’s going on, … Read more

Introducing Your Kitten and Cat for the First Time

Kitten and cat introductions are crucial to get right - they form the bedrock of a cat relationships.

Kitten and cat first time introductions are crucial to get right. In other words, they form the bedrock of a feline love story (friendship or romance) or of a lifelong rivalry. And for a cat lifelong is anything from 10-15 years. That’s a potential 15 years with two cute felines turned rival gangsters living under one … Read more

COVID-19 in Animals: Pet Safety During Pandemic

Cats have been known to test positive for coronavirus.

COVID-19 in animals is something we’ve all heard about. As pet parents, we may be wondering if this poses a threat to our pet. Could they catch the coronavirus? And is there a vaccine for pets? After all, humans first contracted the virus from an animal (which means it can jump between species). We’re just … Read more

Christmas Dangers for Pets – What to Watch Out For

The tinsel is up and the tree is groaning under the weight of baubles. Your Christmas lunch menu is all planned. What could possibly go wrong? Anyone with a pet will know that brightly wrapped gifts, glittery decorations, and ALL THAT FOOD are serious temptations for furkids. While it’s mostly harmless, there are some Christmas … Read more

Pet Safety and Fireworks this Holiday Season

pet safety and fireworks can help dogs like this be happy

Understanding pet safety and fireworks, then ensuring we get it right, is near the top of our to do list this festive season. While we hunker down to plan a holiday itinerary for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, let’s do the same around fireworks safety. Because fireworks equal loud bangs and sad/scared woofs and meows. … Read more

Someone Stole My Dog or Cat – What Can I Do?

white dog loose on path in the country

Our recent research found that a third of Australian pet parents worry that their pet will be stolen by another person. Sadly, it’s not an irrational fear as pets are often stolen for thieves to make some kind of profit. And often these criminals are quite professional in their operations. As you would with a … Read more

Why Dogs Chase Cats and How You Can Help

Why Dogs Chase Cats and How You Can Help - PD Insurance

We know that cats and dogs like to chase different things. The situation becomes sticky when they live together, or cross paths as neighbours, and dog goes after kitty. Here’s why dogs chase cats and what you can do about it. Different games It might be a game, or there might be more to it. … Read more

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How would you, like to proceed?