How to Stop Your Pet Getting Hit by Cars

Dog is in danger of not knowing pet road safety as part of its training

There are 17,158,195 cars in Australia. That’s a whole lotta traffic and good reason for teaching our kids road safety. It’s also why pet road safety is vital. According to the Conversation 10 million animals are hit by cars in our country each year. Many of these are dogs and cats. Pets colliding with cars … Read more

What is Third Party Liability in Pet Insurance?

third party liability pet insurance pays the bill for this neighbour's door

Pet insurance is all about protecting your pet and your pocket at the same time, right? Well, actually, it can be even more than that. Third party liability pet insurance not only protects your pocket from your pet, it can help protect other people and property from your pet too. But what is third party … Read more

What is Heat Stroke in Pets and How to Avoid It

heat stroke in pets

As summer swelters on, heat stroke in pets is a risk you’re going to want to look out for. Heat stroke isn’t just your pet getting too hot, if it isn’t noticed in time it can be fatal. So what is heat stroke? How do you identify the symptoms? And how do you treat it? … Read more

Toxic Ingestion and Choking Risks for Dogs: Why, How and Avoiding Them

Dog choking risks include this stuff toy torn apart by this brown Dachshund

Your dog choking or eating something they shouldn’t and getting sick is a major medical worry. In fact, in recent market research done by PD Insurance, it was listed as the number one health concern among pet owners. And no wonder – it’s the most common claim type among dog owners. Dog choking hazards Dogs … Read more

How to Keep Pets Cool During Summer (and More!)

Dog owner knows how to keep pets cool during summer

How to keep pets cool during summer is a big question this festive season. For one our furry friends don’t sweat the way we do so their temperatures will almost certainly top ours. Then there’s the perpetual fur coat conundrum – even in winter a fur coat can get hot under the collar, but an … Read more

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