Xylitol and Dogs – Why Is It So Dangerous?

tan dog getting medicine injected after eating xylitol

Let’s not beat around the bush: the consumption of xylitol by dogs can be fatal. For humans, it’s a useful alternative to sugar and is diabetic-friendly. For dogs, it’s downright dangerous. While humans and dogs share loads of things, from beds to dinners, xylitol shouldn’t make that list. You’d be surprised to hear that xylitol … Read more

Parvovirus: What It Is and How To Prevent It


Canine parvovirus, commonly referred to as parvo or CPV, is a very contagious and often fatal disease that causes severe illness in puppies and unvaccinated dogs.  While the mention of parvo may rattle many pet parents, it’s a new term to some who don’t yet understand the seriousness of it. We wanted to shed light … Read more

Separation Anxiety in Pets: How to Help Them

Separation Anxiety in Pets How to Help Them

For many pet parents, our recent social isolation meant more quality time at home with our furry or feathery friends. Now things have changed, it’s no wonder separation anxiety in pets is a hot topic in Australia. Shelters around the country (and the world) saw pet adoptions increase as people looked for companionship to combat anxiety … Read more

Protecting Pets If You Catch COVID-19

Coronavirus in dogs and cats like this stripey one in a blanket can be serious

COVID-19 has affected the world, and its pets. Not only because coronavirus in dogs and cats is a thing, but economic and societal changes have led to all sorts of unanticipated phenomena, like stolen dogs being on the rise. Thankfully, the zoonotic virus generally has little to no effect and symptoms tend to be mild. … Read more

Know Your Pet Vaccinations Schedule in Australia

puppy gets its pet vaccinations

Vaccinations are a hot topic these days; they’re in every headline and most conversations (we’re talking the COVID vax if you’re reading this years later). The attention is a good thing, just as the jabs are – they help us humans stave off potentially life threatening viruses and bacteria. Pet vaccinations do just that too; … Read more

How to Remove a Tick Properly

A pet owner demonstrates how to remove a tick properly

As Australian pet owners, knowing how to remove a tick comes with the territory so to speak. We live in one of the warmest places on earth and ticks thrive in this climate, especially during the warmer months. We’re also one of the nations with the highest rate of pet ownership on the planet – … Read more

Puppy Health Care Milestones

puppy health care is part of this pup's life

Puppy health care milestones are all about doing a seamless handover from mother’s milk to medicine. That’s right, your puppy is born with a significant amount of immunity from their mum. Then they get a good booster dose of immunity as suckling puppies. Soon though, they start weaning and that in-built immunity wears off. As … Read more

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