How To Change A Tyre

jack on to change a tyre which is flat

Knowing how to change a tyre is a basic life skill everyone should have. You never know when you’ll need to do it for yourself, or for someone else in need. And our car maintenance research shows only just over half of Australians know how to change one. Eek! Don’t wait till you’ve broken down … Read more

Pulled Over By Police: What To Do Next

man in grey car pulled over by police highway patrol car on side of road

Earlier this year, a man pretending to be a police officer was imprisoned after handing out fines to unsuspecting motorists for years. This has led to increased discussion around motorists being pulled over by police, and debates about whether their safety is at risk in any way. While you definitely shouldn’t be breaking the law … Read more

Car Safety Features: Future and Present

rear view of man driving car

Over the years, car safety features have become more and more sophisticated. And it’s a good thing too! Not only are our roads more crowded than they were when cars were first invented, but we travel faster too. Not to mention those long distance roadtrips. And with distracted driving becoming a bigger problem globally and … Read more

Doing Makeup While Driving: Why It’s a No-No

woman doing lipstick makeup in side mirror while driving

We’ve all seen someone doing makeup while driving or pulled up at traffic lights.. In the crazy rush of the morning or after a busy day at work, it can be hard to find the time to get yourself ready and looking your best. Adding a little touch of mascara on your way to the … Read more

Car Seats for Kids Are a Must: Here’s Why

Land transport accidents are the main cause of deaths in children in Australia which is why car seats for kids are a legal requirement.

Only three decades ago car seats for kids and babies were seen as optional accessories (they became mandatory in the 1980s). Since then, population growth and road traffic have both boomed. And the laws that govern safety in these areas have become more certain, to better safeguard children in cars. Thankfully, nowadays it’s a legal … Read more

Safety Tips for Solo Female Travellers

Did you know, if you live in a major Australian city you’re more likely to be a solo driver?

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of driving alone. The wind in your hair. The spirit of adventure coursing through your veins…. So you can continue to enjoy that freedom, this article covers off all kinds of tips for female solo travellers. Safety-first solo travel Maybe you’re flinging that fab tote you hardly use into … Read more

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