What is Third Party Car Insurance?

female driver after crash finding out about her car insurance on phone

What is third party car insurance, and what does it cover? If you’re looking at insurance options, you might be feeling overwhelmed by all the jargon… like CTP, comprehensive, third party, liability, at-fault and so much more. What does it all mean? It can be confusing, but we’re here to explain all about third party … Read more

Are Older Cars More Expensive to Insure?

are older cars like this green Combi van more expensive to insure

When you’re buying a car it’s wise to consider the cost of the insurance premiums in your running costs. And a lot of factors go into deciding that premium. So are older cars more expensive to insure than newer cars? Well, yes and no. Clear as mud, right? No worries; here’s what we mean by … Read more

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost for a New Driver

How much does car insurance cost for a new driver is an important question when you’re getting behind the wheel the first time.

How much does car insurance cost for a new driver? It’s an important question when you’re preparing to get behind the wheel the first time – whether in your own or someone else’s car. Insurance premiums are tailored to each policyholder’s needs and situation, influenced by several factors (including who else drives their car). Where … Read more

How To Budget For a Car This Financial Year

man hugging new car

If you weren’t quite ready to take advantage of the 2021 end of financial year car sales, you’re probably wondering how to best budget for a car purchase over the coming months. As they say, it’s not about how much it costs – it’s about how much you have left afterwards. Or how much debt … Read more

Preparing Your Car for Winter

this woman is prepared for winter with her car drinking coffee in the passenger seat

It’s not just you who needs extra protection from the plummeting temperatures. Preparing your car for winter helps protect against breakdowns and accidents, which in the short term can save you serious dollars and stress. In the long term, it can help extend the lifespan of your car and improve its saleability when the time … Read more

Car Insurance For Young Drivers: Why Is It More Expensive?

teenage young driver has insurance for the red car he is driving

You’d be looking into car insurance for young drivers if you’re aged under 25 and have either just scored your driving licence or are facing car insurance renewal. So too if your teenager finally has a licence (congratulations is in order, isn’t it? ????) You’ll have noticed that it costs more than car insurance for … Read more

Do I Need A Car Insurance Policy If I’m Not Driving?

white car in garage - if your car will be parked and not used you might not need a car insurance policy

You probably know by now that a comprehensive car insurance policy is recommended for safeguarding your finances from driving-related accidents and incidents. But if you’re not planning on driving over the next few months, do you really need car insurance? Or can you go insurance-free to save a few bucks while you’re away from the … Read more

5 Ways To Lower Your Car Insurance Premium

A lot of us are feeling the pinch this year, especially after the economic effects of COVID. It’s natural to want to look at where you can save money. Though you might be tempted to cancel your car insurance, it’s an unwise financial move that could end up costing you thousands in the event of … Read more

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