Adopting an Adult Cat for Love Your Pet Day

adopting an adult cat

In keeping with this week’s loved up theme… Did you know the 20th of February is Love Your Pet Day? Why not celebrate by looking into adopting an adult cat? After all, this internationally recognised day is all about celebrating the world’s fur kids and giving them that little bit extra. One way you can … Read more

How to Celebrate National Cat Day in Australia

little girl celebrates national cat day with her pet cat

National Cat Day happens every year on 29 October. For us cat parents, and others whose heart has an empty cat-shaped space, now is the time to celebrate our pink pawed loved ones. Whether you’re spoiling yours with catnip toys, adopting a new furry BFF from a shelter, spending time thinking of loved ones lost … Read more

Know Your Pet Vaccinations Schedule in Australia

puppy gets its pet vaccinations

Vaccinations are a hot topic these days; they’re in every headline and most conversations (we’re talking the COVID vax if you’re reading this years later). The attention is a good thing, just as the jabs are – they help us humans stave off potentially life threatening viruses and bacteria. Pet vaccinations do just that too; … Read more

Pet Carrier Criteria: Here’s How to Choose

A woman travels with her cat in a pet carrier

Having a pet carrier will more or less be an eventuality for your furkid. Whether it’s to sleep in during crate time, vet visits or jet-setting adventures, getting the right one is important. Most especially as your carrier will need to keep your pet safe. When making an investment of this sort for the first … Read more

How would you, like to proceed?

How would you, like to proceed?