Dog Chaining: When is it Cruelty to Animals?

Dog chaining a dog like this Labrador is generally not best practice for pets.

Dog chaining is often synonymous with animal abuse and neglect. We’ve all seen the photos of abused dogs tied up in a bare yard without shelter. And we’re aware dog chaining in this manner isn’t safe, kind, fair, or acceptable. But is there ever a situation where chaining a dog isn’t cruel?   In this … Read more

Stolen Dogs on The Rise Since Pandemic

Stolen dogs on the rise include this Labrador

The number of stolen dogs in Australia has at least doubled since the pandemic started. Pet theft once wasn’t such a major concern, but COVID’s had two knock-on effects: With the constantly changing levels of lockdown, people want a dependable friend more than ever. Lots of people have lost their job stability, leading to a high unemployment … Read more

How to Introduce Your Dog to Your Baby

A parent practices ways to introduce your dog to your baby.

Are you welcoming a bundle of joy into the world? Congrats! Knowing how to introduce your dog to your new baby is essential to a harmonious household. It’s a special time in life, though it can be stressful. The last thing you need is a cranky, jealous dog. If you’ve watched Lady and the Tramp, … Read more

Why Positive Reinforcement Dog Training is Pawsitive!

Positive reinforcement dog training can be done through praise and petting.

Positive reinforcement dog training is becoming extremely popular. And according to research, it has a range of benefits, whereas punishment might actually harm our dogs (more on that below). Dogs certainly like it, and we do too, so it sounds woofing great! After all, our dogs love us unconditionally and we love them too. This is … Read more

My Dog Bit Me: Next Steps to Take

This dog needs training to avoid a 'my dog bit me' scenario.

My dog bit me! These are the words no dog parent wants to ever have to say. Sadly, it’s been known to happen, and it isn’t necessarily the ‘bad’ dog that bites. Even the most adoring dog might for a number of reasons. What helps from the get-go is discerning what could be the trigger. … Read more

Is Rawhide Bad for Dogs? We Explore

Is rawhide bad for dogs - we explore.

Is rawhide bad for dogs? It’s an important question which is causing lots of discerning pet parents to seek alternative chews. The online discussion is causing consternation among pet parents, vets, and animal experts alike. Many have removed it from their dog’s diet entirely, while some choose to keep it in but under close supervision. … Read more

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How would you, like to proceed?