Introducing a Puppy to a Cat: How to Get it Right

black puppy being introduced to cat

Introducing a puppy to a cat can be a breeze if you get the steps right from the start. Laying down the correct foundations can make a world of difference. If it’s done tactfully, a good introduction can mean best friends forever. Done wrong, it might be more like bites, scratches, and serious sibling rivalry. … Read more

Why Cats and Dogs Fight and How to Help

Cats and dogs fight for a bunch of reasons - this cat and dog have not been properly socialised,

Cats and dogs fight for a bunch of reasons, from all-nature through to all-nurture and everywhere in between. But the good news according to cat expert Jackson Galaxy is they’re not natural mortal enemies; that’s a myth. As it happens Fido and Felix can call a truce and live peacefully. Despite dogs being territorial and … Read more

A cat’s purr – decoding the meaning behind it

This cat’s purr is sign of happiness.

Cats purr for a myriad of reasons, from health to happiness. A contented purring cat on your lap will likely boost your mood too. There’s something so satisfying about that whirring propeller sound churning away. So, if you’re wondering what the meaning behind a cat’s purr is, we’ll tell you all. Grab your popcorn, make … Read more

How to Stop a Kitten Scratching Furniture

Is your new kitten scratching furniture to his heart’s content? Your new pet might be adorable, but that leather living room suite deserves better. Though it’s a really frustrating habit, there are ways to tackle your kitten’s scratching problem. Here are some tips you can use to save your furniture – and your sanity. Why … Read more

Understanding Cat Behaviour – Quirky Much?

grey cat lying in box poking paw through gap

Is weird cat behaviour no stranger to your furry bestie? Don’t panic. As cat parents ourselves, we feel you. We’ve collected some info to help you with understanding cat behaviour, for just a few of the many weird and wonderful cat quirks. I knead you Lying comfortably and kitty comes to cuddle? But wait, you … Read more

3 Ways You Can Safely Break Up a Cat Fight

3 Ways to break up a cat fight

Feline fights are terrible things, all claws and teeth. The best way to break up a cat fight? Prevent it rather than trying to stop it after it’s started. This article discusses surefire tactics for making this happen. First, recognise the signs There’s play fighting and there’s serious fighting. Knowing the difference can save you … Read more

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How would you, like to proceed?