What Does Catnip Do to Cats?

cat playing with catnip toy on grass

If you’ve ever seen a cat rolling around in euphoria after sniffing some catnip you’ve probably asked yourself the question “what does catnip do to cats that makes them love it so much?” Or maybe you’ve noticed that one or more of your cats loves it, while others couldn’t care less. What gives? Read on … Read more

How to Stop a Cat from Biting

stop a from cat biting like this tortoiseshell cat biting someone's fingers

Those tiny cat teeth can cause more damage than you’d think. Especially when paired with claws! Luckily, there are three ways to stop a cat from biting and scratching. Besides from cat bites hurting, they’re also easily infected. So it’s best for everyone if cat parents learn how to stop their cats from biting. You can encourage … Read more

Cats of Instagram: The Best Accounts to Follow

woman in yellow taking selfie with cats for Instagram

Cats have long ruled the internet. In fact, they were basically born ready made for social media. And the cats of Instagram know it. They’re taking no prisoners at the moment, and there’s an overflow of adooorrable content just waiting to be discovered. There’s not much better than an Insta explore tab filled to the … Read more

Introducing a Puppy to a Cat: How to Get it Right

black puppy being introduced to cat

Introducing a puppy to a cat can be a breeze if you get the steps right from the start. Laying down the correct foundations can make a world of difference. If it’s done tactfully, a good introduction can mean best friends forever. Done wrong, it might be more like bites, scratches, and serious sibling rivalry. … Read more

Why Cats and Dogs Fight and How to Help

Cats and dogs fight for a bunch of reasons - this cat and dog have not been properly socialised,

Cats and dogs fight for a bunch of reasons, from all-nature through to all-nurture and everywhere in between. But the good news according to cat expert Jackson Galaxy is they’re not natural mortal enemies; that’s a myth. As it happens Fido and Felix can call a truce and live peacefully. Despite dogs being territorial and … Read more

A Cat’s Purr – Decoding the Meaning Behind It

This cat’s purr is sign of happiness.

What does a cat’s purr mean? Cats purr for or a myriad of reasons, from health to happiness. A contented purring cat on your lap will likely boost your mood too. There’s something so satisfying about that whirring propeller sound churning away. So, if you’re wondering what the meaning behind a cat’s purr is, we’ll … Read more

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