A Car Insurance Endorsement Could Save You Money

This driver is saving money by updating her policy with a car insurance endorsement.

Did you know a car insurance endorsement could save you money? What’s more, many people believe they can only make insurance endorsements at policy renewal time. Or when they change insurance companies. Thankfully, this is incorrect – you can do so at any time. At PD Insurance, we complete insurance endorsements every day because we … Read more

Sea Air vs Car: Protecting Your Car from (as)Salt

Humid sea air can corrode your car’s metal frame 10 times faster than dry air.

Sea air vs car sounds like the name of two adversaries in a game of Mortal Combat – and that’s just what it is. Your car’s paint job and metal frame stand to be defeated by the seemingly gentle and translucent Australian ocean breeze. Humid sea air can corrode your car’s metal frame 10 times faster … Read more

Christmas Gifts for Car Lovers: Your Guide

It’s always easier to buy Christmas gifts for people who have hobbies or passions. We love buying gifts for car lovers because there’s so many options from experiences to gadgets…or an actual car, if your budget stretches to it! Our guide to Christmas gifts for car lovers will bring a smile to the face of … Read more

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