Does Car Insurance Pay Even If An Accident Is Your Fault?

Have you ever wondered what happens with car insurance if you’re at fault in an accident? Do you know for sure if your insurance provider will pay out? It can be tricky to understand all the jargon and language involved with insurance. This article will explain the laws and types of car insurance available in … Read more

Is it Illegal to Eat While Driving in Australia?

Is it Illegal to Eat While Driving in Australia?

Is it illegal to eat while driving in Australia? Let’s say you’re reading this while getting ready for work. You’re wondering ‘is it OK to eat my cornflakes when I’m driving to the office?’. Or ‘am I allowed to down that freshly brewed flat white as I commute to my boardroom meeting?’. The answer is … Read more

How Much is My Car Worth?

woman googles 'how much is my car worth?'

Planning on insuring, selling or trading in your car? You’ll no doubt be asking the internet ‘how much is my car worth?’ And, we imagine, hoping for the best (read: highest) possible answer. As it happens, there are several ways to value your car, depending on what you’re planning. You may want to try a … Read more

Spring Cleaning a Car is Easy – 5 Tips

kids spring cleaning a car

Spring has sprung! You may not be driving as often with the latest lockdowns, but that’s no reason to spend less time with your car. Spring cleaning a car has its perks, perhaps even more so now…. For example, the weather’s not too hot or too cold to comfortably wipe, wash and de-clutter your car, … Read more

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How would you, like to proceed?