How to Know if Your Dog Really Does Love You This Valentine’s Day

dog owner wonders 'does my dog love me?'

Are you wondering: ‘does my dog love me?’ Sure, dogs perpetually wag their tails at us and don’t hold back on the slobbery kisses. But how can we truly know this means love in ‘dog-speak’ (short of learning how to speak dog)? Given Valentine’s Day is almost upon us we though it appropriate to delve … Read more

Puppy Teething and What To Do About It

teething retriever puppy chewing on paper lying on floor

You’ll likely be dismayed when your bundle of cute starts to bite and chew your prized possessions. We’ve been there. We get it. The puppy teething stage is no joke. But if you’re well prepared for this stage, you can get through it. Maybe not unscathed, but without too many problems. Here’s how to help … Read more

Why Cats and Dogs Fight and How to Help

Cats and dogs fight for a bunch of reasons - this cat and dog have not been properly socialised,

Cats and dogs fight for a bunch of reasons, from all-nature through to all-nurture and everywhere in between. But the good news according to cat expert Jackson Galaxy is they’re not natural mortal enemies; that’s a myth. As it happens Fido and Felix can call a truce and live peacefully. Despite dogs being territorial and … Read more

Dog Attacks: How to Help Prevent Them

If this dog attacks, its important to try uncover what the catalyst is.

There’ve been a number of dog attacks reported in the news lately. With 5.1 million dogs in Australia, dogs are our number one pet. We rely on them for companionship and security. So, when they bite a person – especially a child – it’s terribly sad. Incidents like these often happen in everyday situations, even in … Read more

Toilet Training Your Puppy – Tips To Help Get It Right

puppy being toilet trained

Toilet training a puppy is one of the not-so-fun parts of getting a new canine family member. But if you’re diligent and know what you’re doing, you can avoid most of the accidents. Toilet training your puppy correctly from the start will set you and your dog up well for life and you can then … Read more

Why Do Dogs Bark (and How You Can Help)

dalmatian dog barking

Why do dogs bark?’ is something every frustrated dog parent has asked themselves at some point. Especially if your dog goes on looong monologues that fill the passage or the street with dog vowels. Even more so if you’ve discovered an angry note in your letterbox about your dog’s not-so-neighbourly vocalisations. Reasons why dogs bark … Read more

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How would you, like to proceed?