Can Dogs Eat Vegemite?

can dogs eat vegemite?

Dogs eat everything from sofas to shoes. But the question remains, can dogs eat Vegemite? According to Google’s algorithm it’s a question Aussie pet owners are frequently searching for. And we’re stepping in to give you the answer. That’s right, we don’t just insure pets. We make it our business to understand their quirks and … Read more

Dog Gut Health: What It Is and How To Get It Right

Vet holding dog with hands on gut

Dog gut health mightn’t be top of mind when you’re thinking about your pet’s needs. After all, there’s pet vaccinations, worming, weight maintenance, exercise, grooming, vet bills and all kinds of other things to consider. But just like humans, achieving a healthy and balanced gut can have your dog feeling on top of the world. … Read more

Wondering Why Your Dog Isn’t Eating?

can dogs eat

The only thing worse than your dog eating everything is your dog not eating at all. Because after all it’s a time-worn tradition and virtually a dog motto to eat as much as possible. Anywhere you look in dog history, our perky pups are faithfully by our side, ready to eat any scrap we leave … Read more

Christmas Dinner Recipes for Pets. Get Cooking!

dog and cat Christmas dinner recipes satisfy this pair of pets

This festive season we’ve put together dog and cat Christmas dinner recipes that are fun and safe for your furry friends. We know how difficult it can be not to share some scraps of succulent turkey off your plate with pooch or a sliver of honey basted ham with your cat. But beware – many … Read more

Eco Friendly Dog Food: Reducing Our Carbon Pawprint

With 4.8m dogs in Australia, eco friendly dog food could reduce our carbon pawprint

Eco friendly dog food might not be the biggest pet parenting catchphrase right now but watch this space because it’s going to be! With 4.8 million dogs in Australia, their carbon pawprint combined with ours is big deal, to say the least. Everything we do uses energy, such as the fossil fuel you and I … Read more

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