Dog Chaining: When is it Cruelty to Animals?

Dog chaining a dog like this Labrador is generally not best practice for pets.

Dog chaining is often synonymous with animal abuse and neglect. We’ve all seen the photos of abused dogs tied up in a bare yard without shelter. And we’re aware dog chaining in this manner isn’t safe, kind, fair, or acceptable. But is there ever a situation where chaining a dog isn’t cruel?   In this … Read more

Vets Beyond Borders: ‘Redefining Borders’

Vets Beyond Borders CEO Sally Colgan says her own dogs "have dog insurance".

PD Insurance recently had the pleasure of chatting to Dr Sally Colgan, CEO of Vets Beyond Borders (VBB). Vets Beyond Borders is an Australian-based international animal charity that’s recognised globally for its invaluable work in animal welfare.   Established in 2003, Vets Beyond Borders partners with animal welfare organisations around the world, deploying volunteer teams … Read more

National Pet Day: Let’s Donate to Animal Shelters

Let’s celebrate National Pet Day this Sunday 11 April by donating to animal shelters and helping to give a better life to abandoned animals like this kitten..

Let’s celebrate National Pet Day this Sunday 11 April by donating to animal shelters. As a nation of pet lovers, what better than to remember pets who don’t have their own people to love them. If each of us donates a little time, money, or unneeded stuff, we can help abandoned animals with a soft … Read more

Pets As Christmas Gifts – Think Before You Buy

If you have an animal-mad child or partner, the idea of getting pets as Christmas gifts can seem like a wonderful gesture. After all, who wouldn’t be thrilled with the gift of an adorable puppy or new feline friend for Christmas? While a new furry, scaly, hairy or feathery family member can definitely make the … Read more

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How would you, like to proceed?