IVDD in Dachshunds and Other Dog Breeds

IVDD in Dachshunds like this one is common

Purebred dog breeds are unfortunately often prone to certain health conditions. Understanding which conditions a particular breed is susceptible to helps vets and owners take preventative steps. For example, IVDD in Dachshunds is a commonly reported health issue. IVDD stands for intervertebral disc disease. If you’re a mama or papa to a Dachshund, imagine the … Read more

Pug: Breed Profile, Health, and History

pug lying down on floor

The Pug… ahhhh what a sight. With their wrinkly little faces and adorable snores, it’s not hard to see why they’re popular pets. But did you know they’re actually one of the oldest dog breeds around? Find out more about where these adorable companions originated from, what they love and hate, and what health issues … Read more

History of Dogs: The Origin of Our Best Friend

The history of dogs may have come out of interesting genetic tendencies.

The history of dogs is a major part of human history too because, after all, they’re our best buds. I mean, can you imagine people without dogs? Surely we’d feel like we were missing a giant piece of our puzzle! So how exactly did it all start and when? Was it the time of hunter-gathers … Read more

German Shepherd Facts and Fun

German Shepherd dog on lead on mountain hike

The German Shepherd is one of those dogs that everyone has wanted at some point in their lives. They’re big, beautiful, brave, and incredibly loyal. No wonder they make such good police dogs. German Shepherds are very adaptable and intelligent dogs. That’s why they do equally well as good companion dogs and working dogs. Did … Read more

Labrador Retriever: Top Dog Breeds

Labradors Retrievers are Australia’s top dog.

The Labrador Retriever is Australia’s top dog. According to the Australian National Kennel Council, Labs have consistently accounted for the highest proportion of registrations across dog breed types for the past 10 years! This isn’t to say we don’t love all dogs (and cats), but that Labs have a special place in our hearts. We … Read more

Dog Breeds: Australia’s Five Top Dogs

This Golden Retriever is one of Australia's most popular dog breeds.

Australians love all dog breeds, from Terriers and Toys to Spaniels and Shepherds. But as it turns out, there are some breeds we love the most (right now at least). We’re a nation of dog lovers, with an estimated 5.1 million dogs in our households. In this article, PD Insurance looks at the personalities of the five … Read more

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