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Adopting an Adult Cat for Love Your Pet Day


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In keeping with this week’s loved up theme… Did you know the 20th of February is Love Your Pet Day? Why not celebrate by looking into adopting an adult cat?

After all, this internationally recognised day is all about celebrating the world’s fur kids and giving them that little bit extra. One way you can absolutely change an animal’s life is through adoption. And if you’re feline inclined, a cat might be just the thing.

Most pet parents want to adopt a kitten rather than an adult cat but here are some reasons we think you should opt for adopting an adult cat instead.

Adoption statistics

The RSPCA, one of Australia’s largest animal shelters, received around 45,000 cats during the year of its 2019 – 2020 report.

Of those, 9,714 had to be euthanised. Euthanasia is mostly performed due to infectious diseases or medical reasons, but often it’s because cats don’t find a new home.

In short, there are thousands of cats in shelters that desperately need homes. Each and every year.

And of the cats that don’t get adopted – it’s usually adults.

In the US, for instance, about 82% of kittens that are surrendered get adopted. But once they pass the 18 months mark the likelihood of getting adopted drops dramatically (to 60%).

Siberian cats can be hypoallergenic

Why an older cat might take the cake

Pet owners prefer kittens over adopting an adult cat for a variety of reasons. They’re considered cuter, for one. Secondly, owners want a pet they can grow with. But there is a myriad of reasons why an adult cat might be the better option.

You know what you’re getting

When adopting a kitten, you can’t be sure how much their physical appearance and temperament will change in the next few months or years.

The adorable cuddly kitten you got might turn into an anti-social biter. Yes, a great deal of a cat’s behaviour is shaped by their environment and conditioning – but some personality traits are innate and can make their presence known with maturity.

With adopting an adult cat, you know exactly what they’re like and what you’re dealing with.

Adopting an adult cat is less maintenance

Let’s face it. Kittens can be destructive! Their playful nature will see them tearing up your couch and chewing through just about anything. “How to stop a kitten scratching furniture?” will be big in your Google searches. Adult cats are less likely to destroy your home.

Adult cats are also more likely to be house trained. That means no coaxing kitty to use the litter box and finding little ‘surprises’ around the house. (Side note: this article gives tips to train a kitten to use a litter box)

They’re more independent

Getting a new kitten takes a lot of care and responsibility. In the beginning, you won’t want to leave them on their own too long. They require more attention and devotion while they’re growing up.

Adult cats are independent loners that’ll happily roam or laze around the house when you’re away. Leaving your cat home alone for a while will be a piece of cake. They’re less maintenance and will love you the same.

national cat day is a time to adopt or celebrate your cat

Insurance after adopting an adult cat

Once you’ve taken the step of adopting an adult cat you’re going to want to make sure your purrfect new pet is covered in case of accident or emergency.

Cat insurance is inexpensive and can help pay all sorts of health costs. For example, tests and treatments for accidents, medication and hospital stays are all covered even by our most basic of plans. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

This is why having fast, efficient and easy-to-understand online pet insurance at your fingertips is a great idea when you’re adopting an adult cat. Click below to get a quote.

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How would you, like to proceed?