Car Insurance Protection for Bad Weather

You might be good at keeping your car safe when not on the road, but how do you protect it when driving. Hectic weather can strike at any time, leaving your car damaged and potentially out of action. Do you have what you need when it comes to insurance protection for bad weather?

Don’t wait until the last minute to protect your car, see how comprehensive cover can help bring the calm throughout the storm. When severe weather strikes your vehicle might be damaged in the process despite the precautions you may take beforehand. For example, you might usually carefully garage your car but when you head out for your Sunday brunch a sudden hailstorm hits.

Of course, ensuring you have the appropriate comprehensive car insurance policy cover for your car is an important step towards peace of mind. But when you’re on the road and in the moment, what do you do?

Keep Yourself Safe

Out driving and the weather is so bad that you worry you’re stuck with nowhere to go? Here are some tips to keeping it together:

  • Assess your car and the journey ahead: Ensure your vehicle is safe to drive then think about where you need to get to. Is it better to wait it out or can you drive carefully to your destination?
  • Stay alert: If you’re on the road, monitor local radio news and road signs for information. If you’ve pulled over, you could also use your device (phone, tablet, etc) to check police notices and websites that monitor traffic flow, accidents and so on.
  • Check the weather: For accurate weather information, you can visit the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.
  • Call for help: Call 000 immediately if you are injured and not capable of driving

We’ve Got You Covered

When you’re shopping around for a car insurance quote think about what’s important to you and what situations you might find yourself in throughout the car’s life. Never say never.

PD Insurance shields against a range of harsh weather conditions that involve Flood, Hail and Storm, and helps organise towing, repairs and a hire car for your convenience – that’s handy, right?!

The cost and inconvenience associated with repairing and replacing your car can be a big surprise, so we’re taking the hassle away from you with our full comprehensive car insurance policy.

Want to know more about how to better protect yourself when it comes to severe weather? Read our tips for driving safely in bad weather.

How Do I Claim?

Has your car borne the brunt of the weather? When it is safe to do so, PD Insurance customers can easily report incidents online for a speedy call-back.

Alternatively, you can call us on 1800 776 473.

Over to You: Insurance Protection for Bad Weather

Do you have any suggestions for protecting your car in bad weather? Share them below.

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