7 Steps to Being the Purrfect Pet Parent in 2021

PD Insurance: 7 Steps to Being the Purrfect Pet Parent in 2021

Being a pet parent is no walk in the park, yet it’s also deeply rewarding.
Our fur kids love us unconditionally. They always have a loving gaze at the ready. They’re always right at our heels where we can find them. They have an uncanny intuition into how we feel and more than anything they need us.

Pet parent – cracking the code

Our pets are the best! So how can we be the best pet parent to them? Believe it or not, there is a formula. It comes in seven handy steps which we’ve outlined for you here.

So put your best paw forward!

#1. Plan your pet baby’s diet

Pet diabetes is a food-related problem many pets face today. Over-eating and poor nutrition can cause your pet to pick up weight – a gateway to complications like obesity. Obesity is one of the leading causes of pet diabetes however, there are ways to safeguard your pet.

It can be as simple as changing your pet’s diet. Pet foods have become more complex to fulfil specific dietary needs. But be aware – there are also filler foods whose bulk is bigger than their bite. By this we mean some foods may claim to be full of nutrition but they’re not.

Ask your vet what to feed your pet and when, according to their age, size and breed. If you keep to this at mealtimes your adorable little pet will grow up to (the right amount of) big and strong.

While we’re on diet, if you’ve ever wondered why do dogs eat grass, not to worry if yours does. Though there are some other plants and even foods to read about here in our article about things that can poison your pet.

# 2. Give your pet a regular workout

The wonderful thing about exercising your pet is that you get a workout too! Many cats are self-sufficient in this department, opting to walk along roof tops, fences, neighbours’ yards and so on. But the number of felines opting to go for a walk on a lead is on the rise! Most dogs on the other hand HAVE TO have regular workout sessions. Dogs need different levels of exercise, depending on their breed and access to play space. Exercising your pet will keep them at a healthy weight and reduce the risk of diabetes and stress to their joints.

And with COVID-19 restrictions eased (at the moment anyway), getting your pet out of the house is a walk in the park.

# 3. Be aware of pet separation anxiety

Separation anxiety in pets is real. It happens to dogs, cats, and even separation anxiety in birds is a thing. Lockdown and social isolation meant many pets had direct access to their pet moms or dads while they WFH. Going back to work and leaving the house (at any time) can leave your bundle of joy distressed and lonesome.

As a pet parent, it’s important to recognise signs of distress caused by your absence. The next step is to help them using strategies from our separation anxiety in pets guide.

# 4. Protect your pet from summer heat

Hot days can be tough when you’re permanently in a fur coat or feather boa (speaking of which, check out our post about National Dress Up Your Pet Day).

It’s important to remember that while pets are people too, they don’t sweat like we do, so fans don’t help. Fans use our sweat to cool us down (moving air dries our sweat, which has a cooling effect). There are some workarounds, like wetting down your fur kid.

Other tricks include:

  • Limit pet exercise to mornings or afternoons, away from the midday sun
  • Keep multiple sources of water around the house.
  • Add ice to their drinking water
  • Keep them in the shade
  • Get pet sunscreen to avoid sensitive ears from burning

Now that you know how to beat the heat this summer, you’re a top-notch pet parent.  

# 5. Consider adopting a pet

If you’re ready to become a pet parent, consider giving a rescue animal their forever home. Look for an animal shelter who has a responsible rehoming process. An adoption process should involve some home checks and interviews. An animal shelter that does this is committed to matching you with the most suitable forever pet. This means that you and your pet can look forward to a happy time together.

PD Insurance: adopt a rescue animal

# 6. Understand the link between your pet and your vet

Wondering how your vet’s wellbeing is connected to your pet’s wellbeing? According to Time magazine, vets are 3.5 times more likely to commit suicide than the general population.

Figures in Australia show vets are nearly four times more likely to take their own lives than other people. Important to remember – our pet’s health and wellbeing are directly linked to our vet’s mental health.

Vets are under enormous pressure. They live with the guilt of euthanising pets or having them pass away in their care. Not being able to treat pets whose owners can’t afford vet costs or who don’t have pet insurance adds to this. As a responsible pet parent, having pet insurance relieves your pet and your vet of needless pressure. It also saves you money on vet visits, medication, vaccinations and more.  

# 7. Give your fur baby pet insurance

Your pet deserves that special feeling of protection that insurance provides and so do you. Vet bills can be as expensive and sometimes more than doctors’ bills. Anything can happen to your pet and they could end up needing surgery or hospitalisation. If you have pet insurance, it could mean the difference between proper care or losing your pet. PD insurance offers affordable, flexible, and easy to use cat insurance plans and dog insurance plans. Our online claims portal gives you access to dedicated support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

How to be the purrfect pet parent – over to you

As famous French novelist Colette once said, “Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.” And we agree. We’d love to hear from all you pet mums and dads – what do you think makes the purrfect pet parent? Tell us in the comments below.

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