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Cats of Instagram: The Best Accounts to Follow


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Cats have long ruled the internet. In fact, they were basically born ready made for social media. And the cats of Instagram know it. They’re taking no prisoners at the moment, and there’s an overflow of adooorrable content just waiting to be discovered.

There’s not much better than an Insta explore tab filled to the brim with cats of Instagram. Or is that #catsofinstagram?

Check out our five favourite Insta felines. And hit that follow button while you’re at it.

1. @mr.pokee for Bengal cats and…hedgehogs?

Their bio says ‘the world’s cutest adventurers’ and it’s pretty hard to disagree with that. Audree the beautiful Bengal cat is out there making the other cats of Instagram jealous. And who wouldn’t be jealous of the jetsetting life that this social media star is living.

Together with an adorable little hedgehog Herbee, the pair travel the world posing like champions in front of some truly incredible backdrops. Hedgehogs and cats don’t sound like a match made in heaven, but these two adventurers do everything together; play, snuggle, and travel the world.

2. @kitty_fostering_oz for feel-good Instagram cats

Yay for a local Insta account! Pet parent Amber is based in the Yarra Valley, and fosters orphaned and abandoned kittens and cats.

The account is sizeable, with over 300 000 followers. Because, like we said, cats rule the internet. Take a peek and you’ll quickly realise why.

We’re not sure how there can be so many adorable pics and videos of the cute kittens and cats of Instagram on just one account – but let’s not get caught up in the technicalities.

Just follow, squeal at the cuteness, and enjoy. And perhaps adopt a cat from Amber while you’re at it?

3. @catsdoingthings for exactly what you’d think

This is one of the most popular cat accounts on Instagram, but we think every cat lover deserves to know about it. We know that cats can be quirky little furballs (read our article on understanding cat behaviour to find out more) and this Instagram account is there to remind you of it on a daily basis.

From cats sitting in pot plants to knocking on doors and everything in between, it’s basically an ode to the cat. And what’s not to love about that?

P.S. Now that we’re on weird cat habits, if you’ve ever wondered about cats sitting on laptops, we’ve got all the answers.

4. @sarperduman for when cats of Instagram aren’t quite enough

Sometimes, you need something else served alongside your cats of Instagram obsession. In those cases, you need Sarper Duman. He’s gone viral a few times with his videos featuring him playing piano to his (many) rescue cats.

All 19 of them.

This is the best kind of wholesome content. Pianos, cats, adoption, and even trips to the sea. All with huge amounts of rescued cats.

We’re not crying, you’re crying.

5. @nathan_thebeachcat for a good dose of Aussie life, featuring cats

You might be cool, but you’ll never be “cat taking a dip in the ocean” cool.

Nathan and Winnie (Winston) are two cats who are truly living their best lives up in Queensland. And though Nathan and Winston totally sound like boy cats, they’re both girls.

These two black rescue cats are a super cute pair. Step into their life and get the warm and fuzzies when you watch them go on beach trips, swim in the sea, and even take hikes with their loving pet parents.

The beach isn’t just for dogs, it seems. (But if you’re a dog parent too, read our tips on how to keep your dog safe at the beach.)

Even the cats of Instagram need insurance

Just because they’re kitty superstars, doesn’t mean they’re immune to accidents or illness. We think that protecting our pets makes just as much sense as protecting our homes and cars.

Let your cat feel like a pet A-lister for a day and treat him or her to their very own pet insurance policy. Then take a proudly insured photo and hashtag #PDInsuranceAU. Who knows, maybe your very own cat will be Insta-famous soon too.

Cats of Instagram – over to you

Instagram is a treasure trove for cat lovers. Let us know your favourite cat accounts by sharing their @ in the comments. And remember to follow us on Instagram too @pd.com.au!

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