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Children Growing Up with Pets Experience Many Benefits


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Most people have a pet at one point in their lives and have fond memories of time spent together. Children growing up with pets is wonderfully common, and is something that comes with a range of benefits to developing young minds.

Plus, it is all too adorable to watch and record the beautiful bond they have with their animal pal!

Benefits of a pet’s presence

Whether it’s a cat, dog, fish, rabbit or otherwise, pets bring a playful presence to the home. They willingly provide companionship that greatly enhances our happiness and adds meaning to our lives.

When it comes to children growing up with pets, these animals can have an invaluable, life-long influence on their emotional and physical development.

Children growing up with pets – emotional, mental and physical benefits

According to research, kids who have strong attachments to their pets show more humane attitudes toward animals and humans. Plus, they have higher levels of social cognitive development.

Plenty of other research and expert opinion, such as thisthis and this, shows a range of advantages for children growing up with pets. These include:

  • More compassion and empathy
  • Better general health
  • Greater confidence and sense of responsibility
  • More physically active
  • Fewer behavioural problems
  • Better social skills
  • Greater understanding about the circle of life

Children growing up with pets – bonding time benefits

Children growing up with pets can also provide a great opportunity for them and their parents/carers to bond. As the child is taught how to care for the pet, there are many opportunities to spend valuable time sharing knowledge, experiences and tips and tricks with the other animal lovers in their lives…

And of course, if a child doesn’t have a pet in their own household, they can still benefit from all of the above when visiting a friend or relative who does.

If you are looking to adopt a new pet, check out these great organisations. They have plenty of options for your new family member:

Return those benefits with care

Remember to return the favour with the animal growing up with your children. Alongside love, affection and attention, pet insurance is another way to show you care. It can make care-based medical treatment decisions easier and quicker. Why? Because you don’t need to worry about putting a big dent in your bank account.

Whether you have found a new fur baby, or you are thinking above covering your current pets, PD Insurance has plans and options for everyone. Get a quick quote here to find out what cover best suits you.

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