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The Best Dog Birthday Cake Recipes


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Got a doggy milestone coming up in the near future? Spoil your pooch with one of these dog birthday cake recipes. After all, not only does every good boy or girl deserve a special treat, there’s cause for celebration! Somebody is turning a year older.

From meat-based cakes for dogs with savoury palates to a yummy peanut butter creation for those who love snacking on something sweet, these dog birthday cake recipes will make pup’s birthday go down in history.

What can you put in dog birthday cakes?

Most dog birthday cakes have similar ingredients. After all, dogs are simple creatures and are likely to absolutely adore whatever you make them. But just like with human baking, you need some wet and dry ingredients, and something to bind them together.

Usually, dog birthday cake recipes include flour or oats (or even something like rice flour) alongside an egg and some tasty favourite ingredients. These can be tail-ored to your dog’s preferences and could include:

  • Meat
  • Sweet potato
  • Fish
  • Peanut butter
  • Dog-friendly sauces and gravies
  • Berries

Or whatever else your dog loves. If you know they go mad for broccoli or apples then include those (without the core – that and apple seeds are a no no). If they love a tin of tuna, use this instead of ground chicken. You get the idea.

Retriever in party hat staring at dog birthday cake and candles

What to avoid in dog birthday cake recipes

Though a chocolate cake is a firm favourite for human birthdays, your dog birthday cake recipes should never contain chocolate or cocoa. By now, most of us know about chocolate toxicity in dogs and cats, so it’s easier to steer clear.

Other things to avoid include avocado (none of those sweet potato and avo chocolate brownies then!), xylitol, cherries, and coffee. You also don’t want to go too crazy on the dairy products, as lots of cheese or yoghurt could cause digestive upset in some dogs.

If you want to read more about what to avoid on their birthday and going forward, find out about common things not to leave around your pets, toxic plants, Christmas dangers, and things that can poison your pet.

But enough about what you can’t do for your dog’s birthday. Now, on to some recipes you can use to bake your dog a special treat for their big day.

3 dog birthday cake recipes you’ll love

You don’t want a baking flop on the big day, so here are some fool proof dog birthday cake recipes. We’ve found some of the best recipes the internet has to offer. And there’s something for every dog, whether they’re nut lovers or more into their red meat.

  1. Peanut butter dog birthday cake.
    If your dog is a peanut butter fan (some of them aren’t, believe it or not!) then this easy recipe with only a few ingredients is top-rated and quick to put together. Plus there’s some carrots in there for an added bit of fibre. Just make 100% sure the peanut butter you’re using has no xylitol.

  2. Pumpkin banana dog birthday cake recipe.
    Ok, so we humans love a good banana bread. And not just in lockdown. We love carrot cake too, which isn’t worlds away from pumpkin. So to be honest, this pumpkin banana cake sounds like it’d be good enough for the entire birthday squad to eat – humans and all. But resist the urge, and leave it for your pup.

  3. Doggy meatloaf cake.
    Not everybody has a sweet tooth, dogs included. If your pup is all about the leftover chicken or steak that falls off your plate, maybe you should consider spoiling them with a heartier cake. Here’s a video showing the recipe, if you prefer cooking along as you watch:

Pet insurance for a dog birthday gift

Possibly the most thoughtful gift you can get your dog (other than the handmade cake, that is) is a pet insurance policy. That way when they do dive into the choccy or have an accident while playing with birthday party friends, you can get them quality medical attention quickly. Without worrying about the purse strings.

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