The Best Things About Adopting Older Dogs

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There are lots of older dogs for adoption in various shelters across the country. While puppies get snapped up quickly, the golden oldies often wait much longer. Yet, there are so many benefits to older dogs – and we’re here to sing their praises!

Five reasons you should adopt older dogs

Read on for a few convincing (in our opinion, anyway) reasons to give the adult dog a chance over the boisterous little puppy when you’re looking for an adoptee to join the family.

1. Older dogs deserve a chance too

Older dogs have often waited much longer for their perfect parents to adopt them. After all, nobody can resist a cute gangly little puppy. But older dogs are sometimes overlooked because they aren’t tiny and fluffy – and because people are worried they won’t have as long with their dog.

Both of these are true, of course, but you can still have many good years with your new companion, and they’ll be overjoyed to have a forever home. Plus you might be saving a life. The sad reality is older dogs are often the first to be euthanised if they’re not given a chance and the shelter isn’t a no-kill one.

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2. Older dogs for adoption might already be trained

Most older dogs (though not all) will come with some understanding of basic commands. If you pick one of the older dogs for adoption at the shelter, you’ll probably bring home a canine friend who knows things like ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘heel’ and how to walk on the lead.

Plus, you’re less likely to have to go through the process of having to toilet train your new dog. That’s a pretty big bonus in any pet parent’s book.

3. Older dogs for adoption aren’t always problem dogs

Often, people think older dogs at the shelter are there because of behavioural or physical problems. Adult shelter dogs doesn’t necessarily bark, bite, or do anything unusual; they can be surrendered for a variety of reasons.

Especially when you take into consideration unwanted ‘pandemic-purchase pets’ and the effect COVID has had on the economy, families and health. Further, elderly owners often have to give up their pets if they move into a more suitable home. It can also happen if people move overseas, hit financial hardship, or fall sick and can’t care for their animals.

There are loads of reasons an older dog might be up for adoption, and most of them don’t have anything to do with bad habits.

4. Adult dogs need less supervision than puppies

Once the puppy phase is over, dogs are a little more independent. We’re not saying you should be shirking any of your dog-parent responsibilities, of course! But they can go longer without needing to use the toilet, are generally less destructive, and have less of the crazy zoomies energy that’s a given with puppies.

This means they’re less likely to disrupt your routine, and you can adopt your dog and not have to sacrifice your sleep taking them out to do their business! And hopefully you won’t need to sacrifice your shoes either… But no promises, unfortunately.

5. You know what you’re getting with older dogs for adoption

Sure, it can be fulfilling to watch a puppy grow up. But there’s one extra joy when it comes to those older dogs for adoption: you know what you’re getting. There’s no need to guess what size that puppy might end up, whether they’ll shed everywhere as their coat changes, if that adorable tiny bark will turn out to be problematic, and what their adult personalities will be like.

Though your adopted dog will likely grow in confidence over the next few months and years whatever age you get them, you’ll come away from the shelter with a pretty good idea of what life with a new dog in the family will look like if you choose an older dog up for adoption.

older dog chihuahua lying on couch

Dog insurance for your new family member

Whether you come home with an older dog or a young pup, you should look at taking out pet insurance. That way your new companion can receive medical treatment when they need it, without you worrying about finances.

Wondering if there are any age limits? Our dog insurance plans cover a wide range of dogs, both young and old, though the most basic of plans (Accident) covers the widest age range, whereas the Classic and Deluxe plans are a little more restrictive.

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