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Pet insurance is steadily gaining popularity amongst pet owners. And for good reason – it can help you save some serious biccies! But when it comes to making pet insurance claims, many insured pet parents are worried it won’t be an easy process. And the last thing you need is extra stress when your dog or cat is at the vet receiving treatment.

Luckily, PD Insurance has made pet insurance claims easy to submit and we’re quick at resolving them. Having a reliable insurance provider can help put your mind at ease when something goes wrong – which is why we have an efficient, streamlined process to make things easier for our members.

Find out what makes our pet insurance claims process so hassle-free.  

6 ways pet claims are easy with PD Insurance

With us, buying a pet plan online is super easy and so is making a claim. We’re all about keeping things simple and clear while avoiding unnecessary jargon and hidden costs. That sort of fluff just isn’t our style.

Pet insurance should always be easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to claim from. Here’s how we’re making things more straightforward for pet parents around Australia.

1. The member portal

When you take out pet insurance, you get access to our own member portal. You can access this 24/7 – anytime, anywhere. This means you can submit claims whenever it works best for you. During your lunchbreak, while you watch cat TV with your fave, or when you’re waiting for the chicken to cook for dinner.

There’s no need to stick to office hours or to spend ages on the phone talking to a customer service rep just to lodge a pet insurance claim. Although, we’re happy to take your calls and do things the old fashioned way too!

2. Submitting pet insurance claims is easy

Submitting pet insurance claims is easier than making a trip to the grocery store these days. No need for 17 different forms, a copy of your original birth certificate, and a sample of unicorn blood just to get your claims processed.

All you need to do is take photos of your vet bill, log into your member portal, fill out the online claim form, and submit any additional supporting documentation (e.g. a vet’s report) and you’re done!

pug with cone on - pet insurance claims can cover vet bill costs

3. Quick, clear communication on claims

Pet insurance claims which take months upon months to pay out are no help to anyone, especially if your vet bill is big. Luckily, we’re all about fast turnaround times and quick, clear communication.

You won’t find confusing jargon or misleading statements when dealing with PD Insurance. We like everything to be straightforward and easy to understand. This includes our website, policy disclosure statements (PDS), and any communication with members throughout the pet insurance claims process.

Once you’ve submitted your insurance claim online, we’ll contact you to let you know if we need anything else and tell you when your claim is being processed. Once we’ve got all relevant documentation, your claim will be resolved and your money refunded within two working days.

Because, after all, you’re going to need that cash to spoil your recovering pet with an extra toy or comfy bed to get better on.

4. Experience in the pet insurance industry

When it comes to industries like insurance, you want to know you’re covered by someone experienced. Luckily, we’re our own underwriter (via Pacific International Insurance), which means our team can make fast, informed, and tailored decisions around your pet insurance policy, your claims, and your premiums.

And the 20-plus years of experience Pacific International Insurance offers doesn’t do any harm either. Basically, you can rest easy knowing we’re experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to pet insurance (and car insurance too!).  

5. Multiple pet insurance claims are allowed

If your dog suffers a snake bite, swallows something they shouldn’t, and gets sick all in a short space of time, you might worry you can only submit one pet insurance claim. But we know that dogs and cats don’t space out their accidents and illnesses nicely for their humans to recover financially.

With PD Insurance, you can submit multiple claims for multiple incidents. Even if they all seem to happen at once.

fluffy pet cat lying on wooden chair

Pet insurance claims

If you’re still not sure about pet insurance, claims, expenses, and how to choose a plan, we’ve got some useful resources for you. It can feel overwhelming at first, but we aim to make pet insurance as simple and understandable as possible.

These articles are all a good place to start:

Pet insurance is for everyone involved in a fur kid’s life. For pets, for owners, and for vets (and vet mental health). That way, your pet can always get the treatment they deserve. Not the treatment you can afford.

And when you buy your pet plan online with us your first month is free – at the time of writing, anyway. So best be fast!  

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