seeing a kangaroo lying on the road like this is a sure sign that youre driving in australia

5 Unmistakable Signs You’re Driving In Australia


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Driving in Australia certainly has it’s own unique….perks. Or maybe that should be quirks?

From kangaroos to certain billboards, some things are just so unmistakably Aussie that you can’t help but smile. Here are some signs that you’re definitely driving in Australia. In case you forgot, somehow.

1. Hook turns

Go to literally any other country and tell them how driving in Australia sometimes requires hook turns. Seriously, just explain how in places like Melbourne, motorists are sometimes required to turn right across all the oncoming traffic. Starting from the furthest left lane possible.

They’ll look at you like you’re insane. And then tell you that it’s insane.

No comment!

2. Roos on the road

Maybe in some countries the only wildlife you usually see on the road is a squirrel, but not in Australia. We’re right up there with countries like South Africa and Canada when it comes to wildlife on the roads.

While they might have hippos or bears, we’ve got kangaroos, wallabies, emus, echidnas and wombats. Maybe the occasional possum.

Sure, they are cute to spot. But animals account for around 5-6% of accidents, and this is thought to be an underreported statistic. So keep an eye on the road and make sure you know what animals to watch out for when driving.

And brushing up on your defensive driving skills wouldn’t hurt either.

3. Driving in Australia comes with some weird road rules

There are several really strange rules of the road out there for Australian drivers. You might not know about all of them, granted. But trust us when we say they exist.

Did you know that in New South Wales up until 2020, you could be fined for splashing someone waiting for a bus with a muddy puddle as you drive by? But only bus passengers specifically, and only muddy puddles…

And up until a year or so ago, you weren’t allowed to use your mobile phone to pay for food in a fast food drive-through.

In Queensland, you have to stop for ‘restive’ horses. That is, ones that won’t stand still. Not the other horses though.

4. Uniquely Aussie billboards and signs

The Australian sense of humour is never more evident than on the road. The cheeky and controversial around road safety is just one example. Another is the hilarious road signs detailing our weird and wonderful wildlife and probably scaring tourists off forever.

And there’s also this long, straight stretch of road which uses trivia to keep drivers alert and help save lives. Cool, right?

Only in Australia!

road trivia driving in Australia

5. We’re all eating takeaway while driving in Australia?

It might sound unlikely or plain strange, but Australians have a penchant for one dangerous driving habit. Apparently, 47% of Aussies eat takeaway food behind the wheel. Not only is distracted driving dangerous, but tomato sauce on your dashboard…kinda gross!

Just don’t do it! Your pizza can wait until you get home.

Be a responsible Australian driver with car insurance

Hopefully, you don’t need to rely on road trivia and funny billboards to make you a safer driver. But we all have accidents, and car insurance is there to protect you when things go wrong. Maybe it’s time to get an online quote and be a responsible Aussie road user.

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