The Best Roads In The World (for Your Bucket List)

chapmans peak - one of the best roads in the world

If you love roadtrips, you’ve probably dreamed about driving some of the best roads in the world. You’re not alone. Here’s our collection of the top five we think car lovers and travel lovers alike should do their utmost to see at least once in their lifetime. So, read carefully and add one (or all) … Read more

Most Popular Car in Australia: Then and Now

The Beetle is the most popular car in Australia in the 50's.

What’s your favourite car of all time? As it happens the most popular car type in Australia for 2021 – so far – is none other than the ute (Toyota HiLux). This is quite a leap from earlier favourites. Mind you, the popularity of cars is largely shaped by culture. And culture is always under … Read more

How Car Sound is Engineered for Driving Pleasure

luxury car sound is carefully designed - like for this silver sports car on the open road

When you think of a ride in a really nice car, what springs to mind? Massage seats? Automatic parking? Cabin lighting that feels like you’ve stepped onto a private jet? Or maybe, it’s that luxury car sound. You know what we mean. The roar as the engine comes to life, the gentle hum of a … Read more

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