Stolen Dogs on The Rise Since Pandemic

Stolen dogs on the rise include this Labrador

The number of stolen dogs in Australia has at least doubled since the pandemic started. Pet theft once wasn’t such a major concern, but COVID’s had two knock-on effects: With the constantly changing levels of lockdown, people want a dependable friend more than ever. Lots of people have lost their job stability, leading to a high unemployment … Read more

History of Dogs: The Origin of Our Best Friend

The history of dogs may have come out of interesting genetic tendencies.

The history of dogs is a major part of human history too because, after all, they’re our best buds. I mean, can you imagine people without dogs? Surely we’d feel like we were missing a giant piece of our puzzle! So how exactly did it all start and when? Was it the time of hunter-gathers … Read more

Is Rawhide Bad for Dogs? We Explore

Is rawhide bad for dogs - we explore.

Is rawhide bad for dogs? It’s an important question which is causing lots of discerning pet parents to seek alternative chews. The online discussion is causing consternation among pet parents, vets, and animal experts alike. Many have removed it from their dog’s diet entirely, while some choose to keep it in but under close supervision. … Read more

Flying with Pets this Easter Holiday

These two dogs are on their way to the airport for an Easter holiday, travelling by air.

Are you thinking of flying with pets this Easter holiday? If you are it wouldn’t be surprising. So too if you’re thinking about a roadtrip with your pet (if so, read our simple ways to pet proof your car). Since COVID-19 hit, many of us have become even more attached to our fur-legged friends. We … Read more

Puppy Proof Your House Like a Pro

This pet parent has done made sure to puppy proof before puppy came home for the first time.

Puppy proof your house before your puppy arrives home. That’s the rule of thumb because it’s near impossible to do so once your puppy arrives. And while puppies are a human’s best friend, they one of their fave things in life is to chew. Although your main objective in puppy proofing is protecting your pooch, … Read more

Love Your Pet Day: Pet Parents Have Their Say

This pup and kitten are celebrating Love your Pet Day with an afternoon nap.

Love Your Pet Day is only one day a year!? Surely that’s not enough for us pet parents? We need 365 days at the bare minimum. And some. To prove that’s how we feel about our pets, PD Insurance dug a little deeper with some research over the ditch. To celebrate international ‘Love Your Pet Day’ … Read more

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How would you, like to proceed?