The Messy Struggles of Sharing Your Car


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The time you spend behind the wheel should be enjoyable and stress free, right? That can be a tall order when it comes to sharing your keys! One of the most irritating (and common) disadvantages of car sharing is dealing with the mess others drivers leave behind.

We’ve already discussed the financial perks and the lifestyle perks of being the exclusive owner-driver of your car. The benefits go far beyond. Ever found yourself frustrated by the clutter your co-driver leaves behind? Daydreaming about having your car all to yourself?

Read on. In this article we share some of the more unexpected perks of keeping your wheels yours only.

They might just give you the guts to say no next time someone asks for the keys.

Never Get Left with the Muddy Car

Your hubby took your SUV camping for a few days but come Monday morning he’s up early and on the train to the airport. Leaving you with your unwashed wheels.

Like you didn’t have enough filling up your mental load today. Now you need to find time to clean the car in between work and picking the kids up from school… or resign yourself to the embarrassment of having the filthiest car in the ‘kiss and ride’ line.

And there’s no way you can wear the white pants you’ve just spent 10 minutes ironing. Nothing surer you’ll rub a leg up against the grime.

Being the sole owner-driver means never being unexpectedly inconvenienced by or embarrassed about your car’s condition.

Avoiding Bracing for Unwelcome Smells and Mess

Your brother might say you’re overreacting if you pull him up on the burger box and empty Macca’s cup he left on the front seat yesterday. He might be right – if it wasn’t the thousandth time this month he’s left his smelly grub and expected you to clear it out.

There’s nothing worse than opening the car door after a couple of days and the stench of feet and wet dog assaulting your nose. You dearly love your sister and her puppy, but you’re sick of her stinky gym shoes in the car and forgetfulness about covering the seats when she travels with it.

Or perhaps it’s the pile of dirty tissues and plastic bags your friend left behind on a ‘quick trip’. Easily enough to elevate your stress (and germ) levels. Let’s not even think about how often their hands rubbed germs all over the steering wheel. Yuck.

What about that time you bent down to pick up something from under your car seat, only to find a crusty, leftover apple core and put your hand in something… sticky.

Had enough? Feel the relief of knowing your car will stay clean because you said no to sharing.

No Nagging Your Co Driver to Pull Their Weight

Sharing the responsibilities of looking after your car might sound appealing, but if your co driver has differing standards of cleanliness it can cause strain on your relationship.

What they think is acceptable might just grate on your nerves. You don’t want to nag anyone or be responsible for all the cleaning. Nope! And no one wants you to hassle them into taking care of something they don’t think needs attention yet. After all, it’s your car not theirs so they’ll be less motivated to keep it in good nick.

Save your sanity (and your relationships) by saying no to car sharing. Is it worth the stress?

Bonus Perk: No One Drives Off with Your Vitals

If you’ve ever rushed home after working late, lugging all the groceries inside to get dinner for the fam, you’re not alone. Somewhere between arms laden with groceries and kissing the kids goodnight, you forgot to grab your wallet and sunnies from the car.

It’s not until you need to run out in the morning that you realise your partner has taken the car to work. With your vitals inside. If you’ve ever left something valuable in the car (think phone, computer, diary, child’s fave toy or even dog lead) – and your co driver has driven away without realising, you’ll know this familiar feeling of panic.

As the sole driver of your car you can avoid being left high and dry.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Car Sharing 

As you can see, there are plenty of disadvantages of sharing your car. It can take the joy out of your car ownership. If you love a clean and tidy car (or want to know everything is the way you left it), it might be time to keep it to yourself.

After all, if you’re the exclusive driver of your car we’ll reward you with a nice discount on your comprehensive car insurance. At PD Insurance our research has told us that sole owner/drivers take their responsibility of car ownership seriously. And we think that’s worth rewarding.

Have a question? Check out our FAQ, or if you’re looking for a new quote – we can help you find ways to save on your next premium.

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