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Questions to Ask the Dealer When Buying a Car


When you’re at a car yard to buy either a new or used car, a great car salesperson will listen to and answer any of your questions honestly. Buying a car is a big decision and although it’s a day-to-day job for them it can be a daunting experience for you, the customer. They will understand that.


The first rule of sales is to build a relationship with the potential customer so use that to your advantage. Ask a range of questions that help make you feel much more comfortable with the car buying process and help you make the best purchase decision for your unique circumstances.


When it comes to questions to ask when buying a car, the sky’s the limit. Take your time and take advantage of the salesperson’s industry knowledge and desire to make a sale.


If they can’t answer your questions right then and there, insist they find out. Having said that, if you’re looking to buy a used car rather than a new car then it can be tricky to get all the history.


Do your best to source as much information as possible so you can be confident you’re making a sound decision. Below we’ve listed questions to ask, but before you read these be sure to peruse this blog article that explores important car features, applying for car finance and making sure the car runs well.


So, what should questions you ask the car yard salesperson when buying a car? Some will differ if it’s a used car or a new car.



Key Questions for Buying a Used Car Include:


  1. Who did you buy the vehicle from?

This might give you a better idea about how well the car has been serviced and kept, and you might even get an insight into the type of driving activity they did.


  1. Has the car been in any accidents?

If your dealer doesn’t know, you can always get a vehicle history report. You just need the registration or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).


  1. Does the car have log books and a good service history?

No log books or recorded service history can be a warning sign that the car hasn’t been maintained properly. Older cars aren’t likely to have full log books, but newer cars should have some record of regular servicing – ask the question.


  1. Does the car come with any additional, after market modifications?

The previous owner might have made additions that add (or take away) from the value of your car. Things like rims and stereo systems might be a great bonus, while custom spoilers and lights might actually detract from the car’s value.



Key Questions for Buying a New Car and a Used Car Include:


  1. How long is the warranty (if any)? What does it cover?

How long will you be covered for defective materials and workmanship, and what are you covered for? Are you restricted on where you can get your car serviced?


  1. What safety features come standard? Will you throw in a few accessories?

Check the ANCAP and Used Car Safety Ratings to compare vehicle safety ratings. Want to know more about these? Read our blog post here. When it comes to add-ons, ask your salesperson if they’ll make a deal today if they throw in X, Y, Z for you. Depending on whether we’re talking about a new or used car, this can range a premium sound system and metallic paint through to car mats and seatbelt protectors.


  1. What’s the total price (including stamp duty and other costs)?

Don’t be caught unawares by additional on-road costs the dealer forgot to mention.


  1. How long is my cooling off period?

Your dealer should have a reasonable cooling off period built into the contract of sale and many will use this as an excuse to get you to sign then and there. Check the details but don’t be pressured into the sale just because of it.



Get the Right Advice and Insurance

There are plenty of other questions to ask when buying a car but these will get your ideas flowing on what you need to ask to satisfy your unique circumstances.


If you need more advice on how to make the best decision when buying a car from a car yard visit our blog post here.


One last thing: be sure to insure your new vehicle properly. It may be that you need comprehensive car insurance or third party fire and theft. Or, you might simply want third party property damage.


Check out the PD Insurance options to see what suits you best. And remember – we provide car insurance discounts to people who are the only drivers of their car. Maybe it’s time to stop sharing your wheel?



Over to You

What do you think – any key questions you think need adding to this list? Let us know in the comments below.


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