Spay and Neuter – Should You Desex Your Cat

Understand the benefits and drawbacks of spaying or neutering your cat.

Should you spay and neuter your pets? This is the question on many an animal lover’s lips. It’s a topic avidly debated in pet parenting circles, vet circles and in the general google hemisphere. Why? Firstly, many animal experts believe spaying (female pets) / neutering (male pets) – or desexing – is good for your … Read more

Sleeping with Your Dog in Your Bed – Why You Should

having your dog with you in bed can be a way to spend quality time together.

Have you noticed how all the Disney princesses have a pet that sleeps in their bed? The message is clear. Keep your furry BFF at your side when you sleep as an emblem of your safety and wellbeing. As it happens, sleeping with your dog can have mental and physical health benefits. Scientific evidence backs … Read more

How would you, like to proceed?

How would you, like to proceed?