IVDD in Dachshunds and Other Dog Breeds

IVDD in Dachshunds like this one is common

Purebred dog breeds are unfortunately often prone to certain health conditions. Understanding which conditions a particular breed is susceptible to helps vets and owners take preventative steps. For example, intervertebral disc disease, or IVDD in Dachshunds, is a commonly reported health issue. If you’re a mama or papa to a Dachshund, imagine the strife you … Read more

Know Your Pet Vaccinations Schedule in Australia

puppy gets its pet vaccinations

Vaccinations are a hot topic these days; they’re in every headline and most conversations (we’re talking the COVID vax if you’re reading this years later). The attention is a good thing, just as the jabs are – they help us humans stave off potentially life threatening viruses and bacteria. Pet vaccinations do just that too; … Read more

How to Remove a Tick Properly

A pet owner demonstrates how to remove a tick properly

As Australian pet owners, knowing how to remove a tick comes with the territory so to speak. We live in one of the warmest places on earth and ticks thrive in this climate, especially during the warmer months. We’re also one of the nations with the highest rate of pet ownership on the planet – … Read more

Puppy Health Care Milestones

puppy health care is part of this pup's life

Puppy health care milestones are all about doing a seamless handover from mother’s milk to medicine. That’s right, your puppy is born with a significant amount of immunity from their mum. Then they get a good booster dose of immunity as suckling puppies. Soon though, they start weaning and that in-built immunity wears off. As … Read more

What is a Cat Café Anyway?

cats relax at a cat café

The cat café concept is fast gaining momentum in Australia and why wouldn’t it – cats are the purrrfect coffee pals. If, like many others, you’re mystified about what exactly a cat café is or you’d simply like to know more, look no further. Whether you’ve wondered if cat cafés are for people or cats, … Read more

Bengal Cat is One of a Kind, Here’s Why

A young Bengal cat sitting on a stool in the sun

Did you know all house cats descend from the African Wild Cat? All, that is, except the Bengal. The Bengal cat is the only domestic cat with both African Wild Cat and Leopard cat in its genes.   You could say it’s one of a kind. Leopard cats were domesticated at one time, wayyyy back … Read more

Can Animals Get Coronavirus?

Can animals get coronavirus is a question we looked at in our article on COVID-19 in animals. In short, they can. Cats, dogs and several other species have been infected. The good news is cats and dogs generally have mild symptoms if any at all. In part two, we looked into a COVID-19 vaccination for … Read more

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