Meet the Cutest Dog Breeds on the Planet

According to social media the Pom is the cutest dog breed

According to Google search stats, many of us find the time to search for the cutest dog breeds to ponder over. No matter how fast-paced our lives may be, between juggling child-care, work meetings, friend-meetups, family gatherings and more – it’s a priority. Put simply, cute dogs (and cute cats too, of course) make us … Read more

Celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day with 10 New Dog Breeds

Mudi puppies are a new dog breed

Dogs are our best friends. Although best friends don’t usually accompany us to work, most dogs would jump at the chance. The love of dogs for us hoomans is only growing stronger as more and more breeds are introduced and brought into families. That’s why we’re celebrating 10 new dog breeds for this year’s Take … Read more

Why is My Dog Vomiting… is it Gastro?

dog sleeps after vomiting from gastro

Right from the start puppies poop, pee and regurgitate, and most of the time it’s harmless. But what happens if your dog is vomiting and pooping too much? How can you tell when it’s no longer the usual ins and outs and has instead progressed to becoming gastro in dogs (aka canine gastroenteritis)? When you … Read more

How Do Cars Contribute to Global Warming?

we explore how do cars contribute to global warming?

How do cars contribute to global warming? This question becomes more pertinent every day given the climate crisis and that the vast majority of us own at least one car. Let’s face facts – we all need to get from A to B daily, yet the use of vehicles factors heavily into the climate emergency … Read more

Best Dog Breeds: How to Choose Your Pawfect Pet

the best dog breeds are the ones that match your lifestyle

The best dog breeds aren’t always the ones in adverts or on the packaging for dog food. Nuh-uh, finding the right dog for you the individual is about as specific as finding a best friend. That’s, well, because it actually is all about finding you a best friend. There are oodles of considerations to factor … Read more

How would you, like to proceed?

How would you, like to proceed?