Dog Teeth Cleaning: How To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

A person is performing dog teeth cleaning by brushing a dog's teeth with dog toothpaste.

Dog teeth cleaning sounds difficult, right? Happily, dogs love human attention, so with a bit of know-how on to brush your dog’s teeth you can keep your canine’s canines in top shape. Enter dog toothpaste and toothbrush… If you’re reading this and you’ve never brushed your doggo’s teeth, you’re not alone. Many pet parents don’t. … Read more

Breaking Down Brachycephalic Airways Syndrome in Flat Faced Dogs

Black and white brachycephalic dog with a pink collar against a blurred background of lights.

Brachycephalic dog breeds like Pugs and French Bulldogs are extremely popular. Sadly, these flat faced dogs (along with flat faced cats) are prone to brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome. This syndrome makes it hard to breath and can really impact their quality of life. Often it also shortens their lifespan. They can often be perfectly healthy … Read more

Top Ways to Celebrate [Pet] Mother’s Day in Australia

Aussie dog mum celebrates Pet Mother's Day with an outing and some gifts

Wondering when is Mother’s Day in Australia and how to celebrate it best? Just as importantly, ask yourself whether there’s a Pet Mother’s Day too or if we need to double up celebrations. While there’s no separate Cat Mother’s Day (here’s to doubling up) there is a Dog Mum’s Day. Being internationally celebrated, it’s actually … Read more

3 Reasons for a Stiff Brake Pedal and Car That Won’t Start

A person in a brown leather shoe is pressing the pedal of a car that won't start and has a stiff brake

Help! My car isn’t starting and the brake pedal is stiff – why?! First of all, if your brake is stiff and car won’t start then you’ve already pieced together two clues. In many cars, especially new and automatic cars, there’s a connection between the brake being pressed down and your car starting. In other … Read more

Senior Pet Parents’ Contingency Plans for Pets

Senior pet parents sitting at a table with a dog on a woman's lap.

Sometimes senior pet parents need more downtime. For older pet owners, this can be tricky to navigate if their dog or cat is full of beans and wants to play, play, play! Caring for pets requires energy and stamina to spare, from feeding and playtime to grooming, exercise and vet visits. If you (or mum … Read more

Preventing, Identifying and Treating Intestinal Worms in Dogs

Roundworms are common intestinal parasites in dogs.

Intestinal worms, such as roundworms in dogs are one of the least glamorous topics on the planet. These intestinal parasites that basically use our dogs as their host eco-systems are also one of the least visible pests. In most cases they’re practically too small to see – or they’re hidden. Long story short, as much … Read more

Why Pet Dental Health is Linked to Heart Disease and Other Illness

A pet with a toothbrush in its mouth, promoting pet oral health to prevent systemic disease in dogs.

Pet dental health usually brings to mind images of teeth and gums. In reality, it goes far beyond that. Pet oral health can be directly linked to systemic disease (kidney, liver and heart disease, for example) in dogs and cats. In short, keeping those fangs sparkly white, both at home and through vet care, is … Read more

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