How Often Should You Service Your Car? We Answer

Service your car to a regular schedule to keep it up and running.

If you’re wondering how often to service your car, know there are several easy answers. Why not one? That’s because although there are some standard guidelines, like regular intervals and mileage, there is also your car’s individuality. Is your car’s character more on the vintage-mobile side or more on the latest sports car kind of … Read more

Eco Friendly Dog Food: Reducing Our Carbon Pawprint

With 4.8m dogs in Australia, eco friendly dog food could reduce our carbon pawprint

Eco friendly dog food might not be the biggest pet parenting catchphrase right now but watch this space because it’s going to be! With 4.8 million dogs in Australia, their carbon pawprint combined with ours is big deal, to say the least. Everything we do uses energy, such as the fossil fuel you and I … Read more

Cat Body Language Demystified

Understand this cat and find out all about cat body language here.

Cat body language can be hard to decipher. Even when you and your cat are close, they can sometimes be as aloof as Danny Zuko is in Grease. You know, the part where he’s wearing that black leather jacket and he makes Sandy cry… ok, ok, back to cats… Sometimes we humans think a cat’s … Read more

Dogs and Kids: Respecting Each Other’s Boundaries

Teaching dogs and kids how to respect each other’s boundaries is crucial to child safety.

‘Dogs and kids’ is a big keyphrase in the news these days. Dog bites continue to result in children being wounded, some scarred and even worse. Sadly, many of these kids may never experience the joy of one day having their own dog because of the painful memories. Situations like these can and obviously ought … Read more

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How would you, like to proceed?