What is Feline Immunodeficiency Virus?

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus can go undetected in cats for years

Australia loves cats! Close to 30% of all Aussie homes have cats (many more than one) and this totals nearly four million pet cats. We need to safeguard these precious family members from Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) – because like the human equivalent HIV, there isn’t a cure. Unlike HIV however, there is a Feline … Read more

Are Hybrid Cars Green Enough?

hybrid cars are more eco-friendly than petrol only cars

The COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference highlights Australia’s need to cut down on carbon emissions. Could electric and hybrid cars be a step forward? We know the polar ice is melting quickly and ocean levels are rising but most of us still need to drive around to accomplish the essentials. We still need to drive to … Read more

Wondering Why Your Dog Isn’t Eating?

Is your dog not eating? read these tips

The only thing worse than your dog eating everything is your dog not eating at all. Because after all it’s a time-worn tradition and virtually a dog motto to eat as much as possible. Anywhere you look in dog history, our perky pups are faithfully by our side, ready to eat any scrap we leave … Read more

The Ultimate Holiday Reads for Animal Lovers

cat books and dog books make great holiday reading

What’s better than tucking into some good dog or cat books by the poolside this summer? Picture it. Sunglasses, a tall glass of something cool, a cool breeze on sun-dappled skin and your nose deep between the pages of a pet-themed book. Because if we’ve learned anything from the past couple of pandemic years, it’s … Read more

Christmas Dinner Recipes for Pets. Get Cooking!

dog and cat Christmas dinner recipes satisfy this pair of pets

This festive season we’ve put together dog and cat Christmas dinner recipes that are fun and safe for your furry friends. We know how difficult it can be not to share some scraps of succulent turkey off your plate with pooch or a sliver of honey basted ham with your cat. But beware – many … Read more

Pet Friendly Accommodation for Your WA Road Trip

woman and her cat stay at pet friendly accommodation in WA

It’s late spring slash early summer – the best time of year to holiday in WA (if you’re not currently locked out, that is… thanks COVID). And since our fur-legged friends have kept us going through the best and the worst of lockdowns and pandemic panic, what better than to take a road trip with … Read more

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