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Been scrolling Instagram and come across the cute Cavoodle? There’s been a huge rise in searches online for Cavoodles over the last few years, so it seems everyone wants to know more about them. And with that teddy bear face and perm-style curls, it’s not hard to see why.

Cavoodle searches aren’t the only thing that have skyrocketed. These days, a “pedigree” pup could easily set you back as much as $7,000 per dog. Gulp. So what is it about the Cavoodle which makes them command such high prices – and such big Instagram followings?

Here’s the lowdown on one of Australia’s most popular designer dog breeds.

Cavoodle breed characteristics

The Cavoodle is also sometimes referred to as a Cavapoo or Cavadoodle. Personally, we prefer the sound of the first…

This small and friendly canine is a hybrid dog breed (in less fancy terms, a mixed breed dog). Basically, they’re a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. They can be crossed with any Poodle, but it’s usually a miniature or toy Poodle.

Here are a few fast facts about the breed:

  • Size: Around 30cm
  • Weight: 5-10kgs
  • Lifespan: 10-14 years
  • Colour: A range of colours depending on the parents
  • Coat: Usually curly, but can be wavy or straight

Poodle-mix dogs including the Cockapoo, Spoodle and Labradoodle have become significantly more popular over the years, and the Cavoodle is no different. Why? Their gorgeous looks are partly responsible, sure. But so are their personalities.


Cavoodles are known for being one of the kindest dog breeds out there. Aside from loving their human family (kids included!), they usually tend to get along with other pets too. As you can imagine, this has been a big contributing factor to their increasing popularity.

But they’re not just a pretty face – they’re also highly intelligent and loyal. And fairly high energy. Anyone who has had a Poodle can attest to their need for regular stimulation!

Even though your Cavoodle won’t take up much space due to their small size, you’ll need to provide regular exercise and playtime. Walking is a great way to get some exercise and socialisation for your pup (read how to teach your puppy to walk on a lead here). If that’s not your thing, luckily, you can also exercise your dog without walking.

Because they’re so in love with spending time around their human family, they can struggle with separation anxiety if left alone. If your dog is likely to be spending a fair amount of time home alone, you’ll want to look into solutions like doggy daycare.

Grooming needs

Cavoodles can have straight or curly coats depending on the genes they inherit. They need grooming (washing, trimming, etc) every six weeks or so, alongside regular brushing to keep those locks looking healthy and tangle-free.

You should also keep your Cavoodle’s eyes and ears clean and free of dust and hair. This can help to prevent tear stains and lessens their chances of getting ear and eye infections.

Despite having long silky hair, their coat doesn’t shed much. We said ‘hair’ above for a reason… A Cavoodle coat is hair, not fur. Hence the need for that regular trimming.

This means they’re considered hypoallergenic dogs, so even allergic people can usually enjoy their company without an attack of the sniffles. Be mindful though that Cavoodles with more Cavalier heritage than Poodle will shed more.

brown cavoodle dog on beach

Cavoodle health

While Cavoodles are generally considered fairly healthy dogs, there are a couple of conditions you should know about before you bring one home.

They can be prone to:

  • Dental problems
  • Luxating patella (slipping or dislocating kneecaps)
  • Ear and eye conditions
  • Gastrointestinal issues

As any good pet parent does, you should take your Cavoodle to the vet for a check up every so often. And when you’re choosing their food, ask for your vet’s recommendation – they tend to do well on a diet suited to sensitive dogs. Plus, vets can guide you on how much to feed your growing pup so you can avoid pet obesity and related issues.

Keep in mind that the health of your Cavoodle will often depend on their breeding. That’s just one reason why you should only support ethical dog breeders and should avoid puppy mills at all costs.

If buying a puppy, it’s important you source it from someone who has their dogs’ best interests at heart. Through testing and optimum attention to each dog’s needs, an ethical breeder ensures they’re breeding for healthy, happy puppies. They focus on raising their dogs with care, rather than focusing on profit above all else.

How much does a Cavoodle cost?

In term of breed type, Cavoodles are considered one of the designer dogs. And designer things don’t generally come cheap! Because of their designer status, you could cough up anything between $2,500 – $10,000.

Because they’re so sought-after, be vigilant around puppy scams. Make sure you’re buying your Cavoodle from a reputable breeder, and never pay online without meeting the puppy (and ideally its parents).

Ready to bring home your new pup? Don’t overlook the cost of veterinary bills. With pet insurance you can cover your Cavoodle for all kinds of mishaps and ailments, so you don’t ever need to make a decision on finances versus your pet’s medical care.

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