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10 Quick Hacks for Dog Friendly Camping Trips


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Looking for dog friendly camping trips to enjoy with your furkid in tow? Well, it makes perfect sense. We’re a nation of dog lovers, beach lovers, and nature lovers – so why wouldn’t you want to combine all three for your getaway?

We have some tips below to make everything go a little more smoothly. After all, although we love having our dogs everywhere with us, they can be a little…well…unpredictable.

10 ways to make dog-friendly camping a breeze

Here are 10 steps you can take to prepare for your dog friendly camping trip.

  1. Decant food, medication, and treats into small containers. Collapsible dog bowls are convenient too.
  2. Pack extra towels or blankets for the tent. Those sharp little claws can easily tear through tents accidentally.  
  3. Brush up on your dog’s recall and “leave it” commands (read about positive reinforcement training here). You’ll need to be sure they come back in open spaces, and won’t crash someone else’s barbecue. Literally.
  4. Check your pet vaccinations schedule to make sure your pup is protected on your dog friendly camping trip. The same goes for flea and tick treatment.
  5. Make an “in case of emergency” card with your dog’s identification information and vaccination record plus your contact details. Also make sure your dog’s microchip and tags are up to date, and that know how to access your pet insurance if you need to visit a vet while away.
  6. Have what you need to pick up after your dog. You should do this everywhere anyway, but stock up on those poop packets!
  7. Pack a zipline or tether to attach your dog’s lead. It’s not chaining a dog, but means you can have your hands free while keeping your dog on-leash.
  8. A chew or treat dispensing toy is handy if you have to leave your dog unattended (like while you use the bathroom, for instance). But ideally, have someone with them at all times.
  9. Bring a bigger tent than you think you need. Sleeping with your dog in your bed is lovely, but they tend to stretch out and take up all the space!
  10. Have recent photos of your dog just in case he or she gets lost and you need to share pictures to help find them.

Now all that’s left is to pick where you’re going…

owner and dog camping at lake in tent

Our favourite dog friendly camping spots

Not all campsites welcome dogs. But there are plenty of choices across the country for those who like to bring their pets everywhere with them.

Here are some of our favourite dog friendly camping sites:

Also, many of the Big 4 holiday parks nationwide are pet-friendly.

Though this list isn’t comprehensive, it’s a good starting point if you’re looking to venture into the world of camping with your dog.

And here’s another important read – our Travelling with Pets: Your Ultimate Guide.

Insurance can give you peace of mind

Even with dog first aid kits, up-to-date vaccinations, and vigilant owners, dogs can still get themselves into trouble. When you take your dog to a dog-friendly camping site, there are a few more risks than in the backyard.

A dog insurance policy gives your dog a soft landing; so that if they get a bit adventurous on their camping trip (or at any point in future), you can get them medical attention without worrying about the cost of the bills.

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