Road Rules You Might Not Know About

This traffic officer is enforcing road rules.

Road rules are in the DNA of every driver. They’re second nature. They’re like the back of your hand. You use them every time you drive, so you know them like your mother tongue. Right? Well maybe… and maybe not.

Some of Australia’s lesser-used road rules might’ve dropped off your radar. You can even forget your mother tongue if you stop speaking it. The same goes for road rules that you don’t often use.

With that in mind, here’s a quick recap of some of our stranger and lesser-known road rules.

NSW road rules you may not know about…

It’s not that NSW is the leader of the pack or anything like that. We’re just starting here because NSW happens to have more quirky road rules than anywhere else in Australia.

You know about the five-second rule, right? You drop your biscuit on the floor and it’s goners, dirty, no longer safe to touch. Unless you pick it up before five seconds has passed, in which case you can still enjoy eating it.

Well in NSW you get the three-meter rule.

The 3m rule

If you move three meters or more away from your car, you are legally obliged to lock it. Doesn’t matter if you’re on the opposite pavement eating a bagel or if it’s just in your driveway. Lock it. You can literally be fined if you don’t.

The mud splashing rule

Don’t splash people with mud when they’re waiting for, boarding, or exiting the bus. It’s illegal and you could end up with a hefty fine of anything up to $2000.

Does anybody actually do this? If so, shame on you.

This should really be common sense. Who splashes people waiting for the bus with a muddy puddle? Not even Peppa Pig would have the gall.

Unfortunately the splashing a bus passenger with mud law leaves people wide open to being splashed with water. Just not mud. It also doesn’t cover pedestrians. Or people in taxi lines, or… etc etc.

So next time you’re walking your dog in NSW – keep on the far side of those muddy puddles. Coz the law doesn’t deem you untouchable 😉. And remember to pack your DIY dog walking kit.

Always obey the no mud splashing road rule.

Quirky QLD road rule

When driving in Queensland you must always be ready to apply the horse rule. Seriously, we’re not horsing about. If you come across a ‘restive’ horse, stop your car on the left side of the road. Don’t start your engine or move your car until you’re sure you won’t aggravate the horse.

‘Restive’ you ask?

According to the Cambridge dictionary, restive means restless or anxious and worried. We feel you, equestrian padre, we really do.

If you’d like to read this road rule straight from the horse’s mouth, check out the bottom of the Queensland Road Rules page.

WA no potato rule

Our favourite quirky rule is all about potatoes. Yep, potatoes. If you’re planning on throwing a Sponge Bob party with a big ol’ pile of French fries, listen up…

According to section 22A of the Marketing of Potatoes Act, it’s illegal to carry over 50 kg of potatoes in your vehicle. That is, unless you’re a member of the potato corporation.

If an officer suspects you may be up to this carbohydrate crime, they can pull you over and inspect your vehicle.

If you already felt bad about eating lots of French fries or hash browns, now’s the time to give those up. Maybe just one or two boiled potatoes… at most.

Did you know about the potato road rule? Find out more.

Play by the road rules

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Road rules – over to you

Have you ever broken any of these lesser-known rules? Or do you know about another strange and quirky road rule? Tell us all; we’re eager to hear about it in the comments below.

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