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Pet tech in Australia is literally exploding. Whether it’s a wearable pet tracker to keep you abreast of Fido’s or Felix’s movements or a self-cleaning litterbox for spotless poop and pee routines, it’s a fun time to be a pet owner.

(Seriously. Who wouldn’t want a self-cleaning litterbox?)

Needless to say the online world has brought a range of pet products to our fingertips too. From VR pets you can try before you buy to online pet health insurance, there’s so much on offer. Here’s what we’ve rounded up for you in this article:

a dog wears a pet tracker collar with the latest pet tech in Australia

Pet technology for finding lost pets

Every good dog deserves a collar, but things have become a little bit more exciting. Now you can get a collar that doubles as GPS location tracking for lost pets.

If Bella bolts during a lightning storm or Luna dashes in fright from a standoff with another dog/cat, these collars alert you to their whereabouts. This can seriously add to your peace of mind during the holiday season when there’s a higher rate of lost pets.  

GPS trackers send notifications to an app on your phone. The app will alert you about escape detection when pets move outside their safe range. The alerts also include feature location tracking to help you find lost pets.

Read about different options for these smart collars in this next section.

dog with owner and owner's circle of friends

Tracking your pet’s activity and health

Not only do smart pet collars track your pet’s location but they can also help you keep track of your pet’s health.
Many contemporary smart collars feature your pet’s activity levels, sending updates to your phone or computer.

You can check your pet’s step count, set up step count goals and measure these against rest or sleep time. Depending on your pet tracker, heart rate and body temperature may also be included. This is great for preventing heatstroke (especially with dogs in hot cars in summer).

Product choices aplenty

Many of the latest pet health tracker collars come in multiple colours and some have a longer battery life than others. As with all things tech, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Here’s a selection to get you started:

  • Tractive. Comes in beige and offers a seven-day battery charge
  • Fi. Series 3 comes in four colours options and boasts “up to 3 months on one charge”
  • Petrek 3G. This small black device attaches to a collar and has a battery life of up between 7 hours and 3 days depending on how regularly you set your alerts for

It’s worth reading reviews for this particular type of pet tech in Australia before purchasing the best one for your pet. Not every wearable pet tracker fits a cat or small dog, for example, and some weigh more than others.

owner takes a snap of dog for social media

Social media for tracked pets

If you’ve got a rocking Insta or Facebook account, you may already have one for your cat or dog also. However, you may be after something a little more… tail-ored. These days many pet tracker apps also have their own pet social media networks.

These social networks can offer news, helpful healthful tips and your pet’s average ranking compared to other pets for sleep, activity etc.

If you’re keen on signing your Labrador or Russian Blue up in the hopes of making them famous among the pet community, do some research before buying a pet tracker to get one that includes social. Speaking of fame, check out these famous cats and famous dogs too.

If you’re happy with a pet tracker that simply measures and tracks and you’re A-OK with the number of social media accounts you already have, then check these out… PD has put together a guide of local and international pet celebrity accounts to follow on Insta:

Although dressing up your pet for social media may seem like fun, be aware of the risks involved so your pet is always safe. 

Playtime pet tech for Australian pets

pet dog using modern technology to join a zoom video call

Pet technology in Australia also includes webcams that let you talk to and see your pet remotely. This can be an added boon for those who returned to work after the pandemic and are missing their pets. It can also help stave off separation anxiety in pets.

Even better than simply seeing and talking to your pets, some devices can also play with your pet. Think automatic ball launcher and technologically advanced dog bones that you can move around using an app!

Find out more about these awesome gadgets in our article on pet technology for the modern parent.

Self cleaning litterbox with pet poop tracker

Australian cat uses self cleaning litterbox that works with pet tech

When you’re training your cat to use a litterbox there can be countless poop mishaps. Those who are squeamish or simply want to avoid all possible risk of toxoplasmosis (read about cats and babies for more on this) will love a self cleaning litterbox.

Most automatic self cleaning litterboxes are Wi-fi enabled and connect to an app with a pet poop schedule. This is a winner when it comes to health because any sudden change can alert you when your cat isn’t feeling so well.

Product choices aplenty

There are several types of litterboxes available in Australia that use pet tech. Some designs rely on disposable trays and others even sift through the litter for you. Here’s a small selection to start your search with:

If you’re not quite ready for an automated litterbox that tracks your pet’s pee and poop schedules, we’ve something else in store. The latest in pet trends is cat toilet training. Ahem… Yes this is actually about showing kitty how to use a human toilet and cats are really doing it. Some even know how to flush afterwards. 😹

PD member submits a pet insurance claim on their phone

Online pet insurance with PD

Besides pet trackers, automatic toilets, social media and such, pet tech in Australia has another healthful offering… Award winning online pet insurance with PD.

You get your own personalised portal where you can manage your pet’s details and upload claims with the bare minimum of admin at any time of the day. With this Australian pet tech you’ll be giving your pet the soft landing they deserve.

With PD Insurance you also get one or more months of free pet insurance when you buy your online policy. You can upgrade your plan type anytime and there are no lock-in contracts. Click below to get a quote for your pet’s plan.

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