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VR Pets: Try Before You Buy!


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There’s a fun new way to bring home a flurry of furry friends to play with, and the best part is it’s super easy and totally free. Making yourself a VR pet is what we’re talking about and we’re obsessed! The world of VR is letting you choose from a huge selection of animals, from cute and cuddly to big and scary and you can pop them right into your world for all sorts of awesome and interesting interactions.

This article has a list of the animals available so far and they act just like their real life counterparts. The different breeds of dogs are made to mimic their barks and wag their tails as excitedly as they would if you brought them home for real. The cats and wild animals will imitate the real deal too, making noises you’d be hard pressed to tell apart from their living relatives.

All this makes for a very lifelike interaction that might just feel like you’ve brought the zoo home.

Pet cheetah? How?!

That’s right, you can have your very own pet cheetah sitting next to you on the couch. Imagine him hopping onto your bed with you? Or better yet, splashing with you in the bath (although it might prove tricky to get this last one right!).

It’s really simple to do, as long as you have an AR (augmented reality) capable device. Any reasonably new smartphone will do, but if you’re interested you can check the full list here. You just need to launch Google Chrome (or Safari on iOS) and search for the animal you want to have join you first.

A “View in 3-D” option will be available, and once you’ve selected that option, you’ll see the 3-D model. You can take this one step further by pressing the “View in your space” button. From here, jiggle your phone around slowly while it scans the spot you’ve selected to place it and voila! Your brand new furry friend is sitting beside you.

There’s quite an exhaustive list of VR pets to choose from, far too many to list, so see it here. From furry friends like the Labrador Retriever to dinosaurs to cars and even skeletons, there really is an endless amount of fun to be had enjoying the benefits of VR on your smartphone.

instructions on how to VR pet a cheetah

VR pet tips and tricks

Here are some tricks we’ve learned while playing around with the AR animals that you might find useful.

If the animals aren’t making any of their terrifying or cute noises (a cat’s purr, for example), hold the record button to take a video. This only has to be for a second. It will force the app to use your speakers and you can get the full, immersive experience.

You can long press on the animal and then pull it towards you to make it larger. Or, drag it up (away from you) on the screen to make it smaller or push further into the background.

If you’re trying to rotate the little munchkin, hold him with two fingers. You can rotate it left and right to find that perfect angle.

A fun way to entertain the kids

Even though bans and restrictions have lifted, it can be a daunting thought to take your kids out to a crowded area like the zoo. Or even somewhere as seemingly simple as a pet shop.

You might be surprised at how excited younger children get when exposed to these wild beasts. Whether it’s a learning experience, or a fun little game, we definitely recommend bringing some AR animals into your home.

VR pet cat with stripes sits on mat

With such a wide range of options your imagination is the only real limit here. From balancing an octopus on your head or putting a mouse underneath the couch, you can get pretty creative. It makes for some hilarious and memorable pictures.

So whether you’re choosing a family pet for the household for the fifth time or looking to become a first time pet owner, enjoy the wonders of tech. Using VR pets will make it a little more fun and easy.

Once you’ve used VR pet technology to find the perfect playmate for you, you’ll want to make sure their real-life tooshes are covered. Check out our tailored dog insurance and purrfect cat insurance that works specifically for you. Your pet deserves it!

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