What Do Cats Like to Eat for Breakfast?


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What do cats like to eat for breakfast? Mice Krispies! Okay, if you’re seriously tempted to click out of this article because of that joke, we totally understand. But wait – we do know the answer 😉

If you haven’t and have ever pondered the question, we’re here to help. Truth is, we’re not the only ones who love a good breakfast and have preferences for the things we like. Cats can be pretty picky too.

Contrary to the belief that they’re nocturnal and don’t like breakfast, Felix really would like to be fed in the morning as a good start. So what to give him? Bacon and eggs? A protein smoothie?

Before you start sharing yours, let’s find out what cats like to eat for breakfast.

Good cat breakfast options

The answer to our question might be a little boring, but it’s undeniable – the best breakfast food for a cat is cat food. As in, the type you buy from in a packet, sachet or can.

Whether it’s dry cat food or wet, a good quality cat food is made specifically with your feline in mind and should contain all the nutrients your furry friend needs. Of course, that’s unless they’re on a special diet prescribed by their vet, for allergies, diabetes or something else.

Speak to your vet about the best pet food for your cat’s age, breed and lifestyle. They’ll give the best guidance.

This cat is looking at some croissants while wondering What Do Cats Like To Eat For Breakfast

Wet or dry? The great debate

Some cats prefer wet cat food because it’s closer to their natural diet (think of a lion on the savannah chomping a juicy gazelle). It’s also beneficial because it has a high water content, which will keep them hydrated and lessen the chance of complications like kidney stones.

However, wet cat food may not be ideal if your cat finishes half their food and circles back to it later. Bacteria is more prone to developing in wet food than dry.

Dry food is usually less expensive and even has benefits for your cat’s teeth. However, since cats aren’t particularly great at ensuring a good water intake, dry food won’t give them all the hydration they need and they may be more prone to dehydration-related health issues.

Generally, it’s a good idea to present them with the best of both worlds and have a balance between dry and wet food.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s a reputable brand with some scientific backing of its nutrient content. If you’re unsure of what to get, that chat with your vet will give you some direction. There are so many varieties of cat food on the market it can feel a little overwhelming at times.

this cat by a breakfast tray may be wondering what do cats like to eat for breakfast

Cats breakfast options that are just OK

So you want to mix it up and don’t want to give your cat pet food every morning. Can you share some of your human food?

The occasional human snack is okay in moderation and won’t do much harm to your cat. But overfeeding your pet may lead to obesity, which really isn’t fun for them. Check our info on what the average cat weight is if you’re concerned.

Some scrambled egg, finely diced bacon or milky tea every now and again will go down a treat. But do make sure that you’re not only feeding Felix your leftovers.

And when cooking for your cat, try to eliminate any salt, seasoning or added sugar. Not only is too much salt bad for them, some seasonings like garlic can actually be poisonous. Steer clear of fatty foods too.

This nutrition guide should give you some idea of what human breakfast food could actually be good for your cat. The list includes oats and cooked fish.

cat checks wet vs dry cat food

Bad cat breakfast options

What cats like to eat for breakfast might not always be good for them.

There are quite a few things that can poison your pet you probably aren’t aware of. Did you know, for instance, that lilies are especially toxic to cats? Check out this list of plants that are toxic to pets. In terms of food, these are the ones your feline furball should avoid:

In case your kitty eats something bad

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