Women wonders if her cat is over the average cat weight

Average Cat Weight: Is Yours Under, Over or Just Right?


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Is there an average cat weight? No. It’s pretty obvious that all cats are designed differently. For instance, a sleek Siamese cat won’t have the same average weight as a majestic Maine Coon. Breed, bone structure, gender, age and various health conditions all play a role.

More importantly, each cat has its ideal weight. And keeping that optimum weight will help ward off diabetes, bone conditions, heart disease and much more. Here’s what you should know.

Cat obesity is tipping the scales

According to the experts, ‘overweight and obese cats now outnumber those at a healthy weight.’ Now that’s a conversation worth having, yet weight is something many of us don’t like talking about.

When it comes to our own BMI, we want everything to be hunky-dory and to be told so too (is that too much to ask?!). The same can go for how we want others to see our pets. Please say they’re cute or pretty or handsome and please don’t say they’re chunky or bony…

This can turn the topic of weight into a tricky discussion for vets to have with pet owners. If your vet brings up weight, try leaning into the conversation rather than pulling away. It’s much more constructive to be interested rather than offended. Better yet why not bring it up yourself?

Talking about a pet’s weight is talking about their longevity and wellbeing. That’s why it needn’t be a taboo topic. Read how diabetes in dogs and cats is closely linked to obesity and why that should be avoided.

Cat ponders whether its the average cat weight

Is there an average cat weight?

You see your cat every day. So you may not notice gradual changes to its body mass index. If it’s lost or gained a kilo too many you may not realise it. Therefore you should use a tried and tested method developed by veterinarians for understanding your cat’s ideal weight.

Cat weight chart

We recommend Purina’s Body Condition System. It gives you four steps to check if kitty is too thin and four to see if they’re too heavy. It also has a way to check the ideal, average cat weight based on your individual cat. This video shows how:

Best cat food for weight loss in Australia

The ideal cat diet is one that supports its growth rate, age, lifestyle and breed. This varies throughout a cat’s life. It’s a good idea to talk to your vet about what your cat should eat, how much and how often.

You can also follow these steps to find or maintain the perfect balance:

  • Pet obesity advice. Read our article about National Pet Obesity Day for top tips from a vet. It includes fun and wholesome ways to give pet treats that don’t tip the scales.
  • Worming, vaccinations, flea/tick treatments. Read our cat health checklist for worming, vaccinations, flea and tick treatment schedules. Unwell cats can quickly become under and overweight.
  • Best cat food good for weight loss. Read why choosing between wet and dry cat food can make a difference to weight and to your cat’s hydration levels.

Cat insurance helps too because it eases the costs of vet treatments, hospital bills, medicine, dental treatment and more, depending on your plan. Keeping your cat healthy all-round will help it maintain the ideal weight.

At PD Insurance we will give you one or more months of pet insurance free if you sign up online, depending on your cat’s age. And we don’t have lock-in contracts!

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