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Why Is Car Tyre Pressure So Important


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As much as cars are a reliable companion, they can bring with them ongoing commitments bearing hefty price tags. This ranges upwards of $8,203 for a small car each year. One of the simplest maintenance tasks you can perform yourself is keeping your car tyre pressure in check, and it’s completely free!

No budget or mechanic required here folks! Read on to see how full tyres can help keep your car in tip-top shape…

Why Do I Need To Check My Tyre Pressure?

Think of inflating car tyres like charging your phone, without a little top up they’re both going to be less useful… It’s that simple.

Car tyre pressure is the amount of air stored within a tyre, which decreases as you drive. When the pressure is at the recommended level for your car, your tyres will be better equipped to absorb bumps and provide grip on the road.

Keeping a close eye on tyre pressure has many benefits to the overall health of your car and your bank account. Here are a few to keep in mind:

  • You will save petrol – we aren’t playing a trick on you; this is for real. With low pressure your tyres will become saggy, reducing how smoothly they roll on the road and take on speeding up. Can you guess what happens next? You will accelerate more and use more fuel in the process.
  • Your tyres will last longer – with all four tyres at the same recommended pressure they will wear more evenly, which can help keep them in good condition for longer. Over and under-inflation will cause the wrong parts of your tyre to touch the road, increasing the need for replacement and potentially causing inner rim damage.
  • You will drive better – you will have better control of your car with correctly inflated tyres, which can impact your ability to steer, turn corners, accelerate and brake if they’re below the recommended amount.

Where Do I Find My Recommended Pressure?

You can easily find your recommended tyre pressure by reading your car manual or checking the manufacturer’s sticker located within the driver’s door.

How Do I Pump Up My Tyres?

Not everyone has an air compressor at home, and we aren’t suggesting you run out and purchase one.

The easiest way to inflate your tyres is to visit a petrol station equipped with an air compressor. You can do this at almost every station you visit. Some have different setups for their air compressors, so be sure to read their instructions.

Compressor stations are easy to use and involve following these simple steps:

  • Check the pressure setting on the machine; adjust as required for your car (check your user’s manual to find out the optimum level for your car).
  • Unscrew the air valve cap located inside the rim of your tyre and attach the hose from the machine.
  • Wait for the machine to beep, telling you your tyre has been pumped up.
  • Voila, you did it! Screw the valve cap back on and you’re ready to go.

Extra Car Tyre Pressure Tips:

  • When refuelling, it’s good practice to check your tyres at the same time.
  • Don’t forget to check your spare tyre every so often.

Do you know how to check the oil in your car? This potentially-money-saving car maintenance process is simple – see our easy step by step instructions here.

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