Car accessory hangs from revision mirror

Primping Your Car: Consider The Possibilities


Ever thought about primping your car, as in doing a car makeover to maximise its good looks? The dancing dashboard hula girl is personalisation passé these days. Read on for our thoughts about cute car accessories for women


Take On a Car Makeover

Most people use one or more techniques to improve our looks beyond the rumpled exterior we’re faced with in the morning. From simply running a comb through our hair through to choosing clothing that fits us well (and, for many, investing waaaaaaaaaay more time and effort than that), we often rely on additional extras to make us feel 100 per cent ready to face the day.


Why not give your car an opportunity to make the most of its potential too? There are many accessories and after market gadgets available today to primp your pride and joy. These include personalised number plates and mag wheels for the outside, seat covers and car mats for the inside, and tweaks such as stickers and revision mirror ornaments. And they’re just the basics.


With countless ways to make your car as unique as you, it pays to know what you want before you get caught up in the variety. Some require significant outlay and others not much money at all. Let’s look at your car exterior first.

Back of van opened up to reveal renovations suitable for camping

Customise Your Car Exterior

If you buy new, the opportunity to make your car match your personality arises even before you leave the car dealership. Here are some car makeover considerations.


In addition to choosing the all-over paint colour that suits you best, you can opt for a standard glossy paint or a metallic paint finish (which adds a little sparkle and depth of colour). You might decide to extend the trend and grab a decal for your car. Racing stripes, anyone?


The colour and material of your seats and in-car trims can be customised before and after purchase too. Be careful not to go too far – remember you likely have to look at your creation every other day.


Then we have the wheels. Ever thought about customising your wheel rims to let your inner road warrior shine? You can choose something from a rims catalogue or design your own from scratch. Either way, it might be worthwhile using an app like Wheels ON to visualise your creation before ordering.


Your number plate can also be personalised in myriad ways to make your car as unique as you are. From the letters and numbers through to the colour and beyond into personalising your background theme. The MyPlates website will show you what combination you can achieve before you buy.

Primp your car with a MyPlates personalised number plate

Got time for an eye roll? See here for some of the personalised plates people try to get past the censors.


You might even want to customise the cover for the tyre on the back of your car if you have one or, to a lesser extent, applying some bumper/window stickers to show people driving behind you what sort of person you are.


In-Car Decorations Galore

When it comes to car decorations for the interior the world is your pearl-filled oyster. You won’t believe the choices available from well-known motoring companies and creative sole-traders alike.


Keen for a red leather steering wheel as part of your car makeover? Don’t stop there – get matchy-matchy with your wheel, gearshift and handbrake. Maybe retro-style car seat covers and floor mats tickle your fancy? Suede seat belt cover catch your eye? Zen revision mirror car charms or other ornaments to dingle dangle while you’re driving? What about injecting some colour when parked and accessorising with designer sun shades?


You might even want to glitter-ify the trim of your revision mirror or pimp your interior with LED strip lighting. Seriously. It’s been done. However far your mind is taking you with this, it’s very likely to have been done before.


You only have to search for ‘cute car accessories’ on Pinterest or Etsy and you might find yourself spending the next couple of hours considering how far to go (or cringing at how far others have gone) in primping the inside of your car. Love it or loathe it, once you’ve entered this world you will always remember the possibilities.

Pink leopard pattern material covered car interior

Crazy orange fur covered car interior


Over the top pink interior of car with accessories and all

You’re welcome.


Funky and Functional Car Makeover Accessories

Many car accessories are as functional as they are funky. Organise your life as part of your car makeover by considering large and small accessories such as:

  • Roof racks to stack with hobby equipment
  • Travel pod to fit on those racks for luggage-filled road trips
  • Bike rack for the roof or back of the car, for obvious reasons
  • Various nets and hooks for your boot to keep the clutter organised
  • Side pocket storage for your console so you can separate your bits and bobs into different areas
  • Waterproof back-of-front-seat garbage holder to keep your car clean(er)
  • Mounted phone holder for the dash for handsfree calls and GPS moments
  • Kick mats for the backs of your front seats to protect them from kick-happy kids
  • A back-of-headrest handbag holder for keeping things off the floor
  • Air freshener with designer branding for a sweet-smelling drive


You might even bring your bling in and out of the car in the form of a fashionable key ring or a classy, eco-conscious Keep Cup.


Personalise Your Car With Protection

Looking forward to letting your creativity flow? First, here are some words of warning when it comes to accessorising your car:

  1. Be safe. Car accessories and car decorations that look the goods may reduce the safety of your driving environment. Make sure you are super careful not to reduce the effectiveness of your car’s operations and your ability to handle it properly, such as blocking your vision or making things you need to grip slippery
  2. Be covered. If you’ve invested heavily in blinging out your car with big-spend items, look into whether these elements are covered by your car insurance and if they’re not then make sure you’re OK with that


Once you take into account the safety aspects and your purse strings, the sky really is your limit. Go forth and primp, people.


Get Exclusive

Once you’ve tailored your car to your personality and needs, you might be less likely to share it with others. Did you know that if you’re the only driver of your car you might be eligible for discounted car insurance? Check out what PD Insurance offers here.


Over to You

What did you think of the car accessories for women that the world offers? Been there done that and want to share with us? Feel free to drop some photos at our Facebook page or comment below.

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