Why We Love Cars: 5 Reasons This Valentine’s Day

This woman loves her car so much she is hugging it

Valentine’s Day is meant to be a celebration and appreciation of the love in our lives. And sure, you could make it all about your partner. Or you could just celebrate the most reliable, important thing in your life – your car. It’s hard to narrow down the reasons why we love cars, but here are our top five.

So, why do we love cars?

It’s not always about the flashiest or newest car, but about what they do for you on a daily basis…just like a spouse! So we’ve put together five reasons why we think cars are the top contenders for Valentine of the year in 2021.

And as you work through this list, maybe you’ll realise just how much you love your car too. Just remember to show your wheels a little bit of love this V-Day. They deserve it!

1. We love cars because they give you freedom

Remember when you got your licence and first car? Suddenly you could go places without relying on people, or take a trip with friends over a weekend. Or even run out to the shop to get that chocolate bar you were craving at 9pm at night. The taste of freedom is sweet!

We quite quickly take it for granted, until the beloved car is out of use for a couple of days (did your car breakdown on a driving holiday? Here’s what to do). Suddenly you’re stuck, reliant on someone else, public transport, taxi services or ridesharing.

All the while looking longingly at your keys.

2. And because they’re part of your personality

The same way that the clothes you wear or colour you paint your house reflects your personality , your car is another outward expression of who you are.

Went for a bright red, sexy convertible? You’re probably quite different to the person who opted for a sensible white hatchback or an SUV. And that’s amazing! We love that you can express yourself through your choice of car.

Not to mention through what it carries for you – like half your wardrobe, a well-used yoga mat, salty beach towel and more.

3. We love cars because of the smells, sounds, and sights

We can’t be the only ones who adore the smell of petrol or the polish on a freshly cleaned car? Even better – the smell of a new car (saving for a new car in 2021)? Or the sound of an engine as you turn it on or pull away?

And that’s not even counting the number of places you’ve been able to see and marvel at thanks to your car – the amazing sunset on the drive home from work, the ocean on a summer road trip, or the vast open spaces on a girls weekend away.

Heading out on the open road again soon? Here are 5 holiday road trip hacks you should know. They’ll make you love your car even more.

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4. They’re great for alone time, and for bonding time

If you’ve ever taken a drive to calm down or clear your head, you’ll know that it can be cathartic and relaxing. Well, as long as you’re not one of the Aussie drivers prone to bouts of road rage. Or you encounter it while out and about. Give this article a read just in case: Someone Else’s Road Rage and How to Deal With It.

We love that cars are a great place to take a solo trip or a long Sunday drive after a tough week. At the same time though, we love that your car can also be an amazing place to spend six hours with your friends or family. In these cases, it’s totally true that life is about the journey and not the destination.

5. We trust our cars!

The amount of trust you put in your car is actually kind of incredible. Just think about it. We put our most prized possessions and most loved people in it, and trust that we’ll arrive safely at our destination. We brave busy cities and deserted open roads, and in some cases, don’t even need a real road.

For the most part, we don’t even doubt that our cars will get us through it –  not only without problems, but with loads of new memories and experiences to look back on one day.

If these reasons aren’t good enough to make you love and appreciate your car on Valentine’s Day, we don’t know what is!

We might trust our cars, but we still need insurance.

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Why do you love your car?

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