5 Signs You Need A New Car Insurance Provider

You pay good money for good car insurance, right? But is it still right for you? Or do you have to put up with poor customer service. If you feel like your current provider is not giving you the service you deserve or you’ve outgrown them with multiple vehicles, it’s time to shop around. Here are five signs to determine if it’s finally time to switch providers.


 1. Your rates keep rising.

Yes, premiums increase if you get into an accident or maybe have a change in circumstances or living arrangements. However, if you have a clean driving record and have been a longtime customer yet still see your premium rise every year, it’s time to shop around. Good drivers and loyal customers are normally given car insurance discounts or other incentives for their loyalty. So, if you’re not getting either, it might be time to start looking.


 2. You dread the customer service experience.

Customer support is critical when it comes to car insurance. Suffering from long waiting periods on the phone, unanswered emails, and poor customer support are all big red flags!  At PD Insurance we’ve worked hard to make sure anything you need is available right there online and made it easier so that you don’t have to call.  It means we can keep our premiums really lean and offer you cheap car insurance while still being right there if you need to give us a call.


3. Filing a claim is a nightmare.

Filing a claim is one of the ultimate test of the quality of a car insurance provider. When you need to contact your insurer, they should be able to process your claim promptly (especially if it’s not your fault). If your insurer prolongs the process unnecessarily, you’re definitely not being served the way you should be.  Look for an insurer that puts as much focus into making the claim process as easy as the sign up process.  It’s the little things like PD Insurance’s dedicated 1300 CLAIMS number that help the most.


4. Your insurer doesn’t have what you need online when you need it.

In today’s world, there’s no excuse for any business not having what you need right there on their website. A good website, at the very least, should provide all necessary information on the products and services the company offers. PD Insurance offers car insurance policies that can be bought, managed, and updated 100% online. This makes it easier for you to update your policy, make payments, and get car insurance quotes whenever and wherever you are.


5. Your situation changes.

Switching to a new provider can sometimes be the result of a change in your personal situation, such as buying a new car, moving to a different area, or adding a teen driver to your policy. If you’ve added a second car, then look for a provider that will provide discounts for having both cars on the one policy.  At PD Insurance our customers save an average of $505 when choosing a multi car product.

If any or all of these are sounding familiar, it’s time to switch to a better car insurance provider. PD offers comprehensive car insurance and multi car policies at affordable rates. Get a quote online or call us for more information.

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