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International Cat Day is upon us, and we’re sharing some cat facts to show our love.

Australians are gaga over cats, with approximately three felines in every 10 homes. That’s around 30 cats for every 100 people! We know you spoil your cat every day, but today is about being particularly affectionate and generous with the treats.

For example, you may want to check out these cat gifts for winter shopping that will work just as well for International Cat Day. We’ve also dropped some pop-up questions in this piece to test your kitty knowledge (you can check the answers at the bottom of this piece).

Now, without further ado, here are six cat facts that explain just why we love them so much.

Fact 1: Cats are scientifically gorgeous

With those sleek coats and large eyes, cats are an objectively beautiful animal. But did you know they’re also considered gorgeous by science?

A beautiful cat looking head-on into the camera. We're rounding up some cool cat facts for international cat day

The Golden Ratio is a mathematical ratio that uses symmetry and proportion to measure perfection. Cats have extremely symmetrical faces, which makes them scientifically more beautiful than animals with less symmetry.

Biologically, human brains are also wired to think certain features – big eyes, tiny noses and round faces – are adorable. No wonder we get gooey when we see a cute kitten.

All animals are perfect in our eyes, but now you’ve got this interesting titbit to tell your fur buddy when you’re cuddling again.

Fact 2: Cats are therapeutic

A cat’s purr isn’t just beautiful, it’s therapeutic! A cat purrs within a range of 20-140 Hz, which is known to be medically therapeutic for illnesses in humans. Their purr can lower stress, help laboured breathing, decrease your blood pressure, and even help heal bones and infections!

The next time you’re petting your fur friend and they purr, remember it’s not just in your head – their purring really does relax and de-stress humans…

International Cat Day Question no.1: Why do cats knead their humans? As mentioned, we’ll drop the answer to this and others at the bottom. High five if you get them all right!

A cat on a lap. We're rounding up some cool cat facts for international cat day

International Cat Day Fact 3: The internet loves cats

Dogs may rule the internet in terms of numbers, but cats have a sacred online place that’s had them crowned Rulers of the Internet since we began trawling the web.

From famous internet cats like Nyan and Grumpy Cat, to memes like this one and emojis galore – cats are everywhere. This might be because they’re adorable, cute, and lovely to look at, but there are other reasons for their internet fame.

First off, the US and Japan dominate internet culture – and in these societies, cats are considered the cutest creatures. Secondly, internet users, most of the time, are cat owners!

A University of Texas study revealed that people who prefer cats are more introverted, sensitive, non-conformist and creative. These are considered to be the same traits shared by heavy users of the web. So, by their very nature, the people who are most inclined to create and share online content are often the same people who love cats.

International Cat Day Question no.2: Who’s the internet’s most famous cat?

Fact 4: Cats do well indoors

Apartment dwellers will be pleased to know that not all cats need outside space to roam.

They’re quite different to most dogs in that they don’t need a lot of exercise and many can exist quite comfortably in a small home, even without a backyard. This is especially the case if all they’ve ever known is a smaller, indoor playground. Some purebred cats like the Devon Rex, Ragdoll and Siamese do very well as indoor cats.

Nevertheless, it’s still a good idea to take them outside if you can, so they can feel the grass under their feet, explore a new environment a little and see nature up close. Outdoor stimulation is a positive for all of us!

You cat might even be one who doesn’t mind being taken for walks outside. Perhaps invest in a lead and check out our guide to training your cat to walk on a leash.

International Cat Day Question no.3: What other cats do well indoors?

International Cat Day Fact 5: Cats are low maintenance

One of the biggest considerations people have when getting pets is whether they’ll fit into their office-bound lifestyle. How often does your cat need to see you to be happy?

This has become more important as people return to working in the office full-time post COVID. Cats are independent and certain breeds are less likely than dogs to get separation anxiety when left home alone. Read about leaving your cat home alone and the best pets for apartments in Australia.

Have a dog, too? Read National Pet Day: How To Celebrate With Yours and 10 Ways to Celebrate International Dog Day, which happens in August!

Fact 6: The right insurance supports cat health

With regular vet check-ups, good quality food and plenty of affection, cats are an easy and relatively low maintenance pet. Cat insurance by PD covers accidents and emergencies and lets you focus on what really matters – praising and worshipping your cat.

As it should be, right? Get a quote below.

International cat day quiz answers:
  1. To show love, affection, and ownership. Read more about why do cats knead.
  2. It’s Keyboard Cat, of course!
  3. The Scottish Fold, Cornish Rex and Sphynx are some other cats that enjoy the indoors.

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