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Maine Coon Cats: Fluffy, Gentle Giants


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Can’t decide between a cat and a dog? Or want a pet who’s the talking point of every conversation? A Maine Coon might just be your answer. They’re the size of a dog, love playing games like a dog, yet have all the fluffy cuteness of a cat. Just in super size.

Don’t believe us? Read our article on different cat breeds to find out a little bit more about some of the tricks Maine Coons can do. They’d give most dogs a run for their money.

But first, let’s look at the Maine Coon personality and profile in more detail.

Where did Maine Coons come from?

Unlike most purebred cats, who are selectively bred by humans to display certain desirable traits, Maine Coon cats actually came to exist through natural selection.

Because they weren’t slowly developed over the years by people, or at least not at first, we still aren’t entirely sure of their exact origins. But, they’re thought to be closely related to Siberian forest cats and Norwegian forest cats, both large breeds with long coats.

We’re also not sure when exactly these giant cats first came over to the USA. But what we do know is they’re popular nowadays. Popular enough, in fact, to be the official state cat of Maine.

ginger maine coon cat playing

Physical traits of the Maine Coon

First thing’s first – these are biiiiiig cats. The males can weigh over 8 kilograms, with females weighing between 3.6 and 5.4 kilograms. They’re tall and long too, with a height of up to 41 centimetres and a length of nearly 1 metre, including the tail.

Their coats are actually double layered, with an uneven topcoat and a silky undercoat. So much furry goodness…

On top of that, a Maine Coon can be easily spotted thanks to a distinctive furry ruff around the base of its neck, coupled with a cute bushy tail and ear tufts. Plus, if you inspect their feet you might see something unusual. Lots of MC cats are born with an extra toe!

Maine Coon personality

Maine Coon cats are called “gentle giants” for a reason. They’re easygoing, and get along well with other pets and kids too. Maine Coons are one of the friendliest cat breeds and are known for being calm, kind, and loyal.

This means they can easily be integrated into most family dynamics and, because they’re so chilled out, they can be either indoor cats or outdoor cats.

They’re also highly intelligent and very trainable. They love learning tricks and playing games in the same way dogs do. And just like dogs, they benefit from the stimulation training and playtime provides. Here’s a video of a Maine Coon showing off some tricks:

Maine Coon health

Maine Coon cats are generally strong and healthy. They have a lifespan of around 12 years, which is shorter than many others cats.

Similarly to dogs, smaller cat breeds tend to live longer. Read our article “How Long Do Cats Live?” for more information about the average lifespan of cats, and the longest-living cat in history.

If you’re considering becoming a Maine Coon owner, there are one or two health conditions they’re more predisposed to than some other cat breeds. Being aware of these can help you proactively manage your cat’s health and lifestyle.

Here are some conditions to keep an eye out for if you have a Maine Coon:

  • Heart disease.
  • Musculoskeletal/nervous system disorders such as hip dysplasia.
  • Obesity, which can lead to diabetes.
  • Kidney disease.

Remember, these cats are known for being gentle and kind. If they’re acting aggressively or seem unhappy, it could be a sign of pain or stress.

Cat insurance

Whether you have a gentle giant of a Maine Coon that acts like a dog, or a dog that curls up on you just like a cat, we’ve got the right pet insurance for you!

And if you have both, you might be eligible for our multiple pet discounts. What are you waiting for? Get a cat insurance quote now.

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