The Best LEGO Cars for Kids (Big and Little)


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There’s something special about spending an afternoon building LEGO cars with your kids. Or on your own for that matter. Building your own miniature version of your favourite vehicle can be very satisfying.

When it comes to LEGO cars, the options are endless. So, in this article we’re going over the best options for kids, big and little, to help you decide on your next building project.

LEGO cars for the tinkering toddler

Car obsessions aren’t reserved for those who can drive, or even speak properly. Toddlers show their love for things in a different way… And because a 5,000 piece puzzle is not only a choking hazard but a disaster of missing and broken pieces waiting to happen, LEGO’s Duplo is the perfect answer. 

Race day Duplo

Lightning McQueen race day has the perfect balance of easy fun with building and titbits to toy around with. Lead the pack with Lightning McQueen racing around or his pal Mater who’s ready to tow him around. 

We love that this is a stepping stone for toddlers to get familiar with building blocks, allowing them to tinker and toy around with different designs until they’re ready to move onto more complex LEGO sets.

Clean fun with Duplo’s car wash

Now this one’s a perfect set for a play day. We know toddlers aren’t the best at sharing just yet – so when there’s more than one kid, well, having more toys than there are hands can only help. 

This Duplo car wash has three cars, each with their own drivers and accomplices and a car wash. Keeping the car clean is a valuable skill to learn; if your kids have a childhood anything like ours, washing cars is where pocket money comes from!

What’s great about this is at its essence it’s still about building and putting blocks together to create different things – but without the hazard of 100s of tiny pieces. 

Levelling up – LEGO cars for tweens

As kids get a bit older and develop their coordination and patience they’re ready for more of a challenge. LEGO cars are ready to bring that challenge while incorporating other educational elements. 

Growing plants, growing minds with LEGO cars

Let your little one cultivate their very own garden with this tree planting vehicle set. It features cute animals, a little greenhouse and a tree planting car. With this 300+ piece set they’ll learn all about how to nurture the trees and animals while they get to know the joys of gardening.

lego cars

Nothing better than ninjas

There are LEGO cars for everyone, and those Ninjago lovers out there need look no further than the X-1 Ninja Charger! A little more complicated, so you might need to offer some guidance, this set has all the bells and whistles to keep kids entertained for hours. 

In fact, we think this will keep mum or dad entertained and busy just as long as the little ones. There are plenty of characters from the storyline to keep you coming back with new ideas and scenes to play out. And if that wasn’t enough for you, well.. there’s more. 

lego cars

This LEGO car can shoot spears and eject the driver on his own getaway motorbike! What more can a tween ask for from a toy car?

By the way, if you’re ever looking for the perfect gift for the car lover in your life, here’s a list of Christmas gift ideas for car lovers (older car lovers, that is) that will work no matter the season.

Introducing LEGO Technic

LEGO has a range of cars under the “Technic” flag that recreates real cars and brings it all home with interactive capabilities. From opening doors and folding seats to working suspension, these builds are sure to inspire young car lovers. 

For the young racers

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 LEGO car is an icon that you can bring home. With a pull-back and release function, it’s more than just a pretty looking toy to put on the shelf. LEGO has also made a Technic app this car can interact with and race through an AR world. 

lego cars

Perfect LEGO cars for little scientists

This LEGO car is beyond epic; the App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle is the little car that can. Besides just being epic looking, it can drive up walls to flip over. And when it does, it’s not just an upside down car – but rather a different looking vehicle altogether. 

lego cars

While that’s awesome as it is, it can also be controlled via the Technic app. It lets you drive it like a remote controlled car! Check out the video below to see how it works.

For the Supercar lovers

And if you or your young one is into supercars, LEGO has a whole range of covetable mini vehicles. Like this Bugatti Chiron

And this Lamborghini Sián FKP 37.

Check out our list of 5 Luxury Cars You Wish You Owned for more automotive eye candy.

We’re 100% sure LEGO cars weren’t this cool when we were growing up!

Because real cars don’t flip over and keep driving…

While we hope you’ll never turn your car upside down, some things you can’t control. Like the weather or other drivers on the road. Comprehensive car insurance can at least let you rest assured that if something out of your control does happen to damage your car or the cars of others, you won’t have to foot the bill.

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