Can Cats Eat … Cheese, Raw Chicken, Chocolate? What About Avo?!


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If you’ve ever wondered what your cat can and can’t eat, we’ve got the definitive ‘Can Cats Eat?’ guide for you right here.

Sometimes pets have peculiar tastes, and they may try to eat things that aren’t necessarily good for them (chocolate, we’re looking at you). After reading this, you’ll know whether you can give your kitty some brie off your plate, or some avo sanga, or scrambled eggs.

Let’s get into the list!

The cans and can’ts

We asked Google and it gave us the numbers – these are some of your most searched food stuffs when it comes to wonder what cats can eat…

Can cats eat cheese?

The big cheese of questions is this one about everyone’s favourite dairy snack. Unfortunately for Felix, most cats are lactose intolerant. They may be able to handle small amounts of dairy, but it’s probably better to keep it off their plate.

Can cats eat raw chicken?

Like us, cats can get sick from the bacteria or parasites in uncooked chicken. Cats are also able to get salmonella – a disease most commonly spread through contaminated meat and dairy. The small bones in raw chicken are also a choking hazard, so it’s best to steer clear of chicken.

Can cats eat raw chocolate?

Many people don’t know this, but chocolate is toxic to cats, just like it is to dogs. Chocolate’s active ingredient is theobromine, which Felix can’t digest. Read more about it in our Can Cats Eat Chocolate piece.

Can cats eat eggs?

Finally, a yes! Cooked eggs don’t pose any harm to cats and many of them love eggs. They’re a little high in cholesterol though, so try not to give it to them too often.

An easter cat with bowl of eggs in white modern interior lying down on the floor wondering can cats eat eggs?

Can they eat avocado?

Look, we’re pretty sure most cats won’t want to eat avo – but we’ll answer the question nevertheless. Avo is toxic to cats – and they should not eat it! Avos contain a toxin called persin, and though it isn’t deadly it causes vomiting, diarrhoea, obstruction of stool and pancreatitis. Persin is also poisonous to dogs, horses and birds (yes! birds).

What about banana?

Yes, they can. Although, again, most cats don’t particularly like banana. If your cat is a banana fan, try to limit the quantity as they’re quite high in sugar.

A Ragdoll kitten playing with catnip toy wondering can cats eat banana

Can cats eat bread?

Yes, cats can eat bread. However, they should never be given raw dough as the yeast can cause bloating and even alcohol poisoning.

And dog food?

A few bites of dog food won’t harm your cat. However, a cat cannot survive off of a dog food diet. Dog food is especially made for, well, dogs, and thus don’t contain the nutrients that cats need.

Ever wondered what dog can and can’t eat? Check out our Can Dogs Eat… article – here.

Can cats eat … What they should eat

With all these yummy things cat aren’t allowed to eat, you may be wondering what they should be eating.

A well balanced, nutritionally sound cat food is the best diet for your cat. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the options on the market, ask your vet for a recommendation.

There’s nothing wrong with spoiling your cat with a tasty morsel now and again, but try to keep a balance as pet obesity is not very fun for your cat.

wondering what can cats eat - it needs to be a balanced diet - not too many snacks!

In case of chocolate

We all try to be the best parents we can, but Felix may still get himself into a bind. Whether it’s eating some chocolate or chomping on avo – you’ll want to have cat insurance to cover your floof in case of an accident or emergency.

With pet insurance by PD Insurance you can pay on a month to month basis and won’t be locked into any contracts. You’ll also get a discount when you add two or more pets to a policy. Why not get a quote today?

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