Red Dog is one of the best dog movies about an Aussie dog.

3 Dog Movies You’d be Barking Mad to Miss


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Dog movies are the perfect way to celebrate the human-dog bond we share. This is why we’ve compiled the newest viewing and top picks for a cross-section of at-home and out-and-about top dog entertainment.

In this article, we’ve films about weird dogs, wonderful dogs and hero dogs as well as deets on dog film festivals. Find out what to look forward to, be inspired by an Aussie dog hero, and remember to book your tickets to the film festival taking place in November.

Here are three of the best dog movies to watch with the whole family!

Top Dog film festival

The Top Dog film festival is an annual festival showcasing real-life stories from around the world about dog owners and their faithful companions. All these great stories have been curated into a single two-hour dog movie.

The film showcases dogs that are our best friends, colleagues, saviours and cheerleaders. It gets to the heart of how our pooches help us to achieve more, strive harder and get further. And the best news is that the festival is happening in Australia next month!

Screening takes place at Albury Entertainment Centre (NSW) on 13 November and State Theatre Centre of WA on 20 November. Watch the preview here:

Clifford the Big Red Dog movie

Clifford is your average Labrador Retriever except for the fact that he’s as red as Rudolph the reindeer’s nose. Other than that he’s also really small, like say, a smurf. He’s a lovable cuddly rescue that moves in with a little girl named Emily who lives in New York.

Spoiler-alert: While we said Clifford is your average dog and in most ways this is true, in this furry tail he grows as big as the amount he’s loved. Let’s just say he’s loved a lot. The film was originally scheduled to be released on 17 September 2021, however this has been delayed due to COVID.

This fantastical dog movie is being released in the U.S on 10 November. We’ll have to wait a little longer, but for now here’s the trailer:

Red Dog movies

Red Dog is a real-life movie about an Aussie dog who chooses the people he keeps and the town he loves, rather than the other way around. He’s famed for travelling solo through Western Australia, where he became well-known and loved for his visits and stayed with different people in different towns he’d often return to.

Red Dog was a Kelpie-cross-Cattle Dog (renowned for their smarts) and is remembered not only in this film but also in Red Dog: True Blue and Koko: A Red Dog Story. He also has a statue erected in his memory in the west coast town of Dampier.

The Red Dog movie was released in 2011 and won best film at the 2011 AACTA Awards and best feature film at the 2011 Inside Film Awards.

If you’re in the mood for a good book, read the true story that the film is based on, also called Red Dog. Watch the trailer first for front row inspiration:

Here are dog movies for pets to watch!

Oh, and BTW, lest we forget about our dogs (and cats), here are some films your pets can watch!

TV for dogs is an actual thing – many dogs love it. Screen time is great when pets need R+R because they’re sick or after surgical procedures, or simply for preventing boredom when they’re home alone on a rainy day. Of course, it’s also great if you just like spending time on the sofa with your fursome friend.

Check out our dog TV article and one about cat TV too.

dog movies can be fun for dogs to watch too!

Dog insurance for your dog movie star

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Feature image by Australian photographer Eva Rinaldi

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