deciding between electric cars vs petrol can be tricky

Electric Cars vs Petrol: Truth or Dare


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The ongoing debate about electric cars vs petrol cars is probably somewhere on your radar.

Maybe you’ve anecdotal knowledge or perhaps you’re fairly well researched. It’s probable you’ve heard how electric is greener and that’s good for the planet. You might even be an A-level expert who’s already bought, or are looking into buying, your own green car.

We’re all at some point in the journey of discovery if we’re thinking about saving the environment.

It’s simple – petrol is a depleted resource and its use produces harmful emissions, yet we need to drive. So what will it be? Drive petrol cars until the very last minute it’s available? Make the conversion now? Wait until the electric car market has grown? Or just start riding your bicycle everywhere?

OK, realistically, none of us (except you, triathletes!) wants to cycle to the office and arrive hot and sweaty. And even if you do, you can’t road trip on a bicycle. So we’re still going to need to drive occasionally. This leads us back to the electric cars vs petrol cars conundrum. Before you choose, read this.

The truth

The truth is when you drive, you’re using energy. And we don’t mean brain power.

The energy your car uses is probably not renewable. Whether you drive a petrol car, diesel car, electric car, or hybrid you’re still most likely relying on one or another fossil fuel. That’s right. In Australia, most of our electricity is generated by burning coal.

This means when you plug in your electric or hybrid car – unless you have a solar, wind or other renewable way of generating electricity – you’re very much still using fossil fuel. Surprising, but true.

Of course, electric cars and hybrid cars are considered to be low emission or zero emission vehicles. But if you’re using coal generated electricity, your emissions still count. Even if they’re not coming out of the back end of your car.

In a very broad sense, electric cars vs petrol cars vs hybrids looks a bit like this:

  • Petroleum cars: run on petrol or diesel only
  • Electric cars: run on electricity stored in a battery
  • Hybrid cars: use a combination of petrol and electricity and switch to electricity wherever possible

Making the choice between electric cars vs petrol cars is a bit like a game of truth or dare. Either way, there are perks and drawbacks. Ultimately you need to choose what suits your driving style, your budget, and of course…you!

when it comes to electric cars vs petrol, know your facts

Cost to run electric cars vs petrol cars

When it comes to electric cars vs petrol cars and/or hybrids there are some basic cost differences.

Greener cars can cost more than twice as much to buy, but fuel can cost up to 550% more than recharging. Also, greener cars require much less maintenance than petrol cars. There’s less greasy stuff running through their systems to cause blockages and other complications. 

If your car’s constantly in for repairs, the idea of a low maintenance electric vehicle might be a dream.

Your driving style counts too. If you drive fast or for long periods at a time, then hybrids and electric cars may not suit you as much as petrol cars. You’ll need to set aside time for routine recharging sessions, and the charge wears off quicker the more you accelerate.

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