Key Electric Car Questions to Ask Yourself and Your Dealer


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If you’ve read our article on how to choose the best electric car you now know more about electric cars and are better equipped to compare them. Now let’s look at the most appropriate electric car questions.

Below we dig deeper into specific Q&A you should be covering off before making your final purchase decision. To help you decide which is the best option for you, ask yourself these then take the time to think over how each answer applies to your needs…

Electric Car Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. What’s my average distance travelled each week?
  2. How often do I need travel longer distances?
  3. Do I have access to an alternative car for longer trips? (either a second family car or hire car)
  4. Are my driving habits going to impact the range I get from my electric car? (towing, distance, road quality)
  5. What is my budget for a new car?
  6. How much do I pay for car maintenance now?
  7. How much would it cost me to run my electric car? (you can use this calculator)
  8. How easy is it for me to access public charging stations?
  9. How much will the longer charging time inconvenience me?
  10. Is the power at home adequate to charge my car?

Electric Car Questions to Ask Your Car Dealer

Print these questions for your dealer or the car seller and take them with you:

  • What’s the range for this car on a single charge?
  • Can you upgrade the battery on that model?
  • How long does the battery take to charge? (slow and fast charge)
  • Do I need a special adapter to charge it at home?
  • How long is the warranty on the car and battery?
  • What are the expected service costs?
  • What is the maximum load rating for towing (if any) on this electric model?
  • Given my needs, which of the four main different types of electric vehicles would be best for me?
  • Is there anything else I need to know, having never bought an electric car before?

In addition to those questions, if you’re considering a hybrid model you might also want to know:

  • Does this Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) favour electricity or petrol?
  • What is the load rating on this car? (not all hybrids are suitable for towing either)

Once you’ve had all your questions answered resist making a hasty decision. Take the time to sit, reflect, go over the pros and cons, sleep on it for a while. Electric cars aren’t going anywhere and are only going to improve.

If going electric is right for your financial situation and current lifestyle, and the pros outweigh the cons, then go for it!

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How would you, like to proceed?