This electric car station is an indication that zero emission vehicles are on the way to becoming the new normal.

Zero Emission Vehicles: Where Are We At?


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Zero emission vehicles were invented as long ago as the 19th century – they’re nothing new. Yet the cars of today are still largely fossil-fuel guzzlers. And they’re fast becoming outdated.

David Attenborough has told us time and time again that we’re almost out of fossil fuel. Most of us believe him, yet when it comes to zero emission vehicles we’re not exactly sure where that’s at. Find out here…

What are zero emission vehicles?

Zero emission vehicles and/or low emission vehicles are electric or semi-electric vehicles that emit little or no exhaust fumes. They’re greener because they either use renewable energy or a combination of fuel and renewable energy.

This reduces the amount of greenhouse gas, which in turns helps slow the rate of climate change. It might also have some perks for you as a driver. In 2020, Australia’s Electric Vehicle Council released a new report containing fun facts that might convince you to go eco sooner:

  • Approximate running costs are $1.50 per litre to run a fuel car versus $0.33 per litre for an electric car
  • Electric car sales in Australia increased by 200% in 2019
  • Australia has 2307 charging stations as at 2020.
  • At the same time there were 28 electric car models available in Australia

The different types of electric cars are still priced above most old-school fuel guzzlers. But as they become more mainstream and more people choose them, this will change. The price will begin to drop, potentially pretty quickly.

There are some other major financial perks to driving an electric car. In addition to being cheaper to drive on a fuel-type basis, they’re usually also cheaper to maintain.

These cars are topping up with a more eco and pocket friendly fuel. Approximate running costs of refuelling ones car compared to recharging are $1.50 per litre to run a fuel car versus $0.33 per litre for an electric car.

Why do we need zero emission vehicles in Australia?

Australian cities consistently perform well on the Global Liveability Ranking. But this could change if our levels of greenhouse gases keep rising, and in turn our pollution levels.

Further, carbon emissions from traffic combined with the high temperatures common in Australia create a breeding ground for bushfires. These fires add to our air pollution too.

Happily, the government is already committed to making it easier for people to own and drive electric vehicles.

In October last year, Victoria became the first state in Australia to introduce the latest generation ultra-rapid EV charging stations. These stations can recharge an electric car in under 15 minutes using all renewable energy.

And the ACT government is already in its final year of Transition to Zero Emissions Vehicles Action Plan 2018–2021. It will encourage owning and driving zero emission vehicles with incentives like priority traffic and parking regulations. It will encourage new infrastructure and other property developments to include vehicle charging stations. And it will support zero emission vehicle business development.

Australia has 2307 charging stations as at 2020.

Zero emission vehicle resources

When figuring out how to choose the best electric car for you, it’s good to know there are a range of options in Australia. It’s even possible to convert your existing car into a zero emission vehicle.

Here are some handy links to make the transition easier:

  • The Australian Electric Vehicle Association

You can convert your car through information provided by the Australian Electric Vehicle Association. They have a branch in every state and territory.

  • PlugShare

Find out where all the charging stations are near you via PlugShare. Just type in your location and it shows you where all the charging points are for electric cars in your location. It works just like Google Maps!

  • Drive Zero

Drive Zero is an Australian platform dedicated to sharing firsthand accounts of the driving zero emission vehicles. Word yourself up here.

  • Electric Vehicle Council

The Electric Vehicle Council is a national body that’s partnered with leading car manufacturers.

Their site offers the latest updates on the electric car industry. It even includes a cost calculator so you can compare the costs of running your car and an equivalent electric car.

These stations can recharge an electric car in under 15 minutes using all renewable energy.

Drive your style

For many of us, our cars are more than just a way of getting from A to B. They’re a home away from home, a place to think and listen to music. And so much more.

Regardless of whether you’re driving a fuel car or an electric car, think about the value of having car insurance. Car insurance allows you to protect your car and your back pocket so that you can drive with peace of mind.

Zero emission vehicles – over to you

Are you ready to swap out your soon-to-be-old-school car for an improved carbon footprint? Or, have you already purchased a zero emission car? Share your story with us via our Facebook page – we’d really like to hear how it’s going so far.

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