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husky at puppy training school

How to Find a Great Puppy Training School

A good puppy training school offers so much more than obedience. It’s a great place for your puppy to socialise, learn to understand dog body language, and start to become more confident in new situations. Also, puppy training school is a great place to get

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Labradors Retrievers are Australia’s top dog.

Labrador Retriever: Top Dog Breeds

The Labrador Retriever is Australia’s top dog. According to the Australian National Kennel Council, Labs have consistently accounted for the highest proportion of registrations across dog breed types for the past 10 years! This isn’t to say we don’t love all dogs (and cats), but

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Cats and dogs fight for a bunch of reasons - this cat and dog have not been properly socialised,

Why Cats and Dogs Fight and How to Help

Cats and dogs fight for a bunch of reasons, from all-nature through to all-nurture and everywhere in between. But the good news according to cat expert Jackson Galaxy is they’re not natural mortal enemies; that’s a myth. As it happens Fido and Felix can call

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this campervan at the sea is not a very green car but

Green Cars and How to Help the Planet

Green cars are becoming more important to car buyers and owners these days. The introduction of electric cars into the market has undoubtedly helped, as well as general consumer interest around the environment. Got green guilt and want to do your bit? Us too. If

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this bull dog photography shoot uses easter balls and bows

Six Easter Pet Photography Tips

It’s Easter! Tis the season for hot cross buns, family gatherings, and pets. The only thing as good as making happy memories is taking snapshots to remember them by. And of course, pets are the perfect subject matter. So, here are six cat and dog

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If this dog attacks, its important to try uncover what the catalyst is.

Dog Attacks: How to Help Prevent Them

There’ve been a number of dog attacks reported in the news lately. With 5.1 million dogs in Australia, dogs are our number one pet. We rely on them for companionship and security. So, when they bite a person – especially a child – it’s terribly sad.

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